Custom home-related questions to ask your home builders Christchurch

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Buying a new custom home in Christchurch isn’t easy. Undoubtedly, a lot of questions may arise. However, there are two frequently asked questions that many people tend to ask, one, how much it will cost and two, how long will it take to build the home? Both of these questions make are important from the viewpoint of a homeowner. Since price is a bigger determining factor about which builder will you hire? While project timeline doesn’t matter much in most cases, it isn’t as big of a determiner as to the price. Besides these two questions, there are plenty of other questions that you as a homeowner must ask home builders Christchurch. All these questions range from pricing, architecture, sinks, light fixtures to doorknobs.

Let’s take a closer look at all these questions. Ask them aloud to your best builders in Christchurch.

How much customization can I do in my home?

Customization includes a spectrum of details that you can add to your home. From doing the tiniest of changes to 100% customization, customers can pick whatever suits their needs and wants. Most of the custom home builders Christchurch don’t allow you to make changes to the home’s architecture while some do. True custom home builders get your opinion on the design of the home even after construction starts.

How can I pick decorative surfaces, colours and fixtures?

If you’re willing to build a semi-custom or custom home, you get the option to choose furnishing details like countertops, cabinets, flooring, tiles and more. Well, you can select which interior design process would work for you:

  • Hire an in-house/on-staff interior designer or decorator.
  • Hire an independent interior designer or decorator.
  • You can also find suppliers or materials on your own.

As per our suggestion, the first option is the best because then you don’t have to channel extraneous coordination unnecessarily.

Do I need to find land on my own or will builders help acquire land?

The land is the most important parameter to set the limitation of your home’s structure and aesthetic. On the other hand, if you’re opting to acquire a house and land package, the builder will offer you land that’ll facilitate building what you want on it. Custom home builders like Stonewood Homes offer such a service. This saves you from approaching and working with an architect, land surveyor, or multiple builders.

What’s the first step in a standard home building process?

Before you start designing your custom home, the builder must know:

  • The size of the land
  • Existence of any neighbourhood restrictions
  • Budget
  • Lifestyle

Based on a few basic pieces of information pieces, the builder can help construct a perfect home that fits within all the essential parameters. This initial step of information gathering or collection is the entrance point of the customization aspect.

Can I tour one of your showhomes for ideas and inspiration?

In addition to visiting or touring a construction site, you can ask for photos or a walkthrough of a showhome that provides you with an idea about architectural style. This is one of the ways of physically visualizing your finished home. However, remember that the showhomes are built to impress, thus, they feature some of the best facilities and characters.

With these few questions in mind, you’re ready to schedule a detailed interview with your home builders Christchurch.

Ask your queries

Asking questions important to your custom home gives you a pretty good idea of who you want to hire and how you want to go about completing your dream home construction. However, if you have more questions, don’t worry, the best builders in Christchurch – Stonewood Homes are here. Stonewood Homes is regarded as the best custom home builder they don’t just construct homes for you but alongside offer the finest home and land packages in Christchurch.

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