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Makeup is a way of expressing yourself beautifully and the habit of women using make-up for functions and even daily life has been around for centuries. For most women, make-up is a part of their daily routine, and they are always on the lookout for new products to try out. However, with so much competition and brands available in the make-up industry, how can you differentiate your brand from others? The simple answer is custom-printed mascara boxes. This article discusses what these boxes are and how you can create an attractive package for your product.

What Are Custom Mascara Boxes?

When you go to a retail store, in the make-up aisle, you see shelves with countless products available to be purchased. However, it is less likely that you’ll get attracted to the boring white boxes or packages that just state the brand’s name and the ingredients. Instead, you will be attracted to makeup boxes that are bold or bright in color with great fonts.

Nowadays, it is not only the quality of the product that matters but there are other factors like the overall experience of the box and the ease of unboxing the product that catches the customer’s eye. Thus, it is a great way to attract new customers, and if you deliver the quality that you promised, Voila! You have a customer who will return to purchase products from your company.

Tips To Create The Perfect Custom Mascara Boxes

Figure Out Your Target Audience

Before launching any brand or product, knowing who this product is meant for is crucial. As a makeup brand, you need to research if most of your customers are housewives or women who minimally use makeup, or are women who have a habit of putting on makeup before going to the office, or UNI.  It's not only the demographics like age, gender, and income, that matters. The psychographic factors are where most of the focus should be when creating custom mascara boxes.

Consistent Image

From the colors of your custom mascara boxes to the logo, every single element should be created to speak to the customers. After deciding to target the customers that you feel will give you the most returns, it's now time to decide how you can effectively attract them.

To help you out with this quest, it is always useful to look at the way your competitors target their customers through branding. Look carefully at the colors they use, and how they manage to convey a consistent brand message. Furthermore, look at your strengths and target audience and find out what other brands are doing to target similar customers.

Once you have found the ideal client, think of the designs of packaging that you can create to increase the overall experience of the customers. If your target audience is of an older age bracket then simple colors with less fuss will do the trick. On the other hand, if they are young, then bright colors and fancy fonts will help attract this segment of your customers.

Direct Approach

Stop! Before thinking about all the things mentioned above, there is one major point that most companies forget. Deep down and honestly speaking, the customer doesn’t care about the story of your company, why you have created a product and other such bookish facts.

Sure, the environmental benefits might tilt the decision towards you, but the most important point that customers look to find out is the benefit of using your product. Why using your makeup products will benefit them more than using other brands? This is a major factor that should be considered when creating your custom mascara boxes.

Advantages of Custom Mascara Boxes

Using a custom package for your products is increasing in popularity. This is because the practice offers a great number of benefits for cosmetic brands worldwide. Here are some of the benefits of using custom mascara boxes:

Brand Recognition

Having a unique package for your product gives you a great opportunity to add your company’s logos, messages, and colors that represent your company. Utilizing these fundamentals with the help of a well-thought-out packaging technique increases the chances of the customer remembering your brand whenever he goes to a retail store to look at your ad online.


Custom mascara boxes with the latest designs are visually appealing for customers. Their unique elements and designs attract customers from afar, making them hard to miss out on store shelves. This leads to higher chances of sales and profitability, making these boxes a beneficial tool.

Product Protection

The mascara boxes are made basically to protect the products that are delicately made. Makeup is a product that is famous worldwide and with the rise of the e-commerce industry, thousands of products are shipped over long distances. This has made it crucial for companies to package their products in a way that keeps them protected and safe. The beauty of the mascara boxes is of no use if the product that the customer gets is damaged.


Custom mascara boxes make your brand different from your competitors. With the option of creating your boxes from different shapes and sizes along with adding finishes that feel good, business can stick to the mind of the customer. Thus, creating a box that matches your target audience’s interests will help you go a long way in achieving long-term sales and a brand image that is consistent and long-lasting.


In conclusion, custom-printed mascara boxes are a great way to bring out your creativity. Creating custom boxes considering the interests of your target audience, is an effective way to create a consistent brand image that is trustworthy. The right designs used on the boxes attract customers in retail stores making it a great marketing tool as well.



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