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High-quality, branded employee name tags can vastly improve your overall branding, create a professional polish for your uniforms, and improve communication between your customers and staff.

But is there more you can do to improve the appearance of your employees’ uniforms while recognizing the contribution of exemplary employees?

You bet there is! Consider an affordable, practical boost to your employee uniforms by issuing custom metal lapel pins with your staff name badges.

Here are some ways high-quality custom-designed pins can bolster your brand, facilitate communications, and potentially support your green initiatives.

Celebrate Holidays and Special Company Events
Many businesses have some sort of special corporate events they celebrate throughout the year, and many more observe holidays. Just like a seasonal decoration, seasonal pins can uplift morale and give your employees a more holistic seasonal appearance. The effect may be small but it is noticeable!

For the purpose of celebrating corporate events, custom metal lapel pins can also be a bonus. The main value in this instance comes in the form of spreading awareness. Whether your company is doing a promo sale or offering some sort of special to encourage customer involvement or appreciation, a little thing like a custom pin is a great way to spread awareness, and is not as aggressive as traditional promotional materials.

Recognize Employees for Extraordinary Service
Formal recognition in the form of compensation or awards is a great way to recognize remarkable employees for their contributions to an organization – but they’re not the only way.

On top of that, what happens the rest of the year? The time to celebrate committed individuals is every day – not just during special ceremonies.

A simple but high-quality custom lapel pin can do just that.

Celebrate Employee Teamwork and Team Building
Recognizing employees for their contributions to an organization in the form of training, team-building, and other official accreditation is another way to spread good vibes and make employees feel included and appreciated.

That’s great for employee retention, which is a big hot-button issue for many employers in the post-COVID landscape, but did you know that giving employees a little pin that advertises their accreditation can actually improve customer experience, too?

Take it for what it is, but customers in most industries like to know when they’re in good hands and being served by experienced professionals that have been trained and certified. Of course, this varies by industry, but it’s a common theme.

Give customers that confidence boost by including high-quality custom lapel pins showcasing these achievements or certifications as a part of your employee uniform, where applicable.

Give Branding a Power Boost
Finally, including a customized quality lapel pin with your employee name badges can consolidate and empower your brand image.

This is especially the case with custom-designed lapel pins that can be created with company colors or even with specific corporate logos.

If your employees don’t have formal uniforms but are required to wear name badges, including a lapel pin can create a sense of cohesion among the ranks, so to speak, giving them a more uniform appearance, even in the absence of company-official issues.

Cost-Effective, Quality, Custom Metal Lapel Pins
If it sounds like custom metal lapel pins can offer a lot of value in a very affordable package, you’re right. Now all you need to do is find a venue where you can order custom, quality lapel pins!

Visit Imprint Plus online at imprintplus.com. They sell a wide range of professional name badges (including eco-friendly options) along with a wide range of customizable lapel pins.

Check out their options at their website or via the direct link at the top of this article and get in touch with them at 800-563-2464 if you have additional questions.

For more information about Reusable Name Badges and Membership Badges Please visit: Imprint Plus


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