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Custom Refrigeration for Safe Food Storage in Warehouses

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When you're running a warehouse and storing food, you want to be sure it stays safe and in great condition. The key to achieving this is having the right custom refrigeration system. Here we'll talk about the kind of custom refrigeration you need to make sure your food stays safe and fresh in your warehouse.

Getting the Right Temperature:

First things first, keeping food safe starts with controlling the temperature. Different foods need different temperatures to stay fresh and safe to eat. For instance, frozen foods need to be super cold, around -20°F (-29°C), while fresh fruits and veggies need just above freezing. Custom refrigeration lets you set the perfect temperature for the types of food you're storing, so nothing spoils.

Separating Food Safely:

Warehouses often store all sorts of food with different temperature needs. Alternative refrigeration systems can have different compartments, kind of like separate rooms, where you can keep food at the right temperatures.

Keeping the Right Moisture:

Temperature isn't the only thing that matters; moisture does too. Some foods, like fruits and meats, need to have just the right amount of moisture to stay fresh. Custom refrigeration can control this moisture, so your food doesn't dry out or get too wet, which can make it go bad.

Making the Air Flow Right:

Good air circulation is also really important. Custom refrigeration systems are designed to make sure the cold air flows evenly everywhere in the storage area. This helps keep the temperature consistent and prevents some spots from getting too cold or too warm.

Remote Control and Alerts:

You can't be in your warehouse all the time, but you still want to know if something goes wrong. Many custom refrigeration systems let you check the temperature and humidity from anywhere, and they send you a message if there's a problem.

Saving Energy and the Environment:

Custom refrigeration systems can also be designed to use less energy, which saves you money and helps the environment. These systems are efficient and use less electricity, which is good for your wallet and for reducing your carbon footprint.

About ALTA Refrigeration:

ALTA Refrigeration specializes in custom refrigeration solutions, including cutting-edge transcritical CO2 refrigeration system. With a strong commitment to innovation and sustainability, ALTA Refrigeration delivers the best cooling solutions that meet the unique needs of businesses while reducing environmental impact.

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