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Typical packaging for a product such as wine bottles and cups usually requires a thick cardboard box. This box is usually made of translucent material so it can be clearly seen what is inside. Custom rigid plastics or custom rigid boxes also called set-up boxes also called self-stacking boxes. These boxes are usually four times thicker than standard cardboard boxes making them even more durable.


Different Uses

There are many different uses for custom rigid boxes and one of the most common ones is for luxurious products and items. With these boxes you can ship anything from diamonds to clothing, toys to jewelry. These luxury items come in a variety of styles and sizes. Some of these rigid boxes can hold up to 20 bottles of wine or more. This can make transporting such an item very convenient. The luxury options also include some that can be customized with the name and even picture of the person who receives the box.


Collapsible Boxes

These padded and collapsible boxes can also be customized with any colors of ink. These ink colors are easily changed over time or when the item becomes misplaced. You can get a single-color printing of your choice or choose from a wide variety of colors. These padded and collapsible packaging solutions are not just for liquids and packaged items. You can also use them for other types of goods that are suitable for mailing and shipping.

Product Advertising

One of the most common uses for these are for product advertising. You can have a custom printed box with your company logo or product information printed on the side and the bottom. This makes it easy to read the information because it is transparent. If you prefer using a color printing, you can have a liner printed with a specific color or two to match the branding of your product. This makes your packaging appealing to the eyes and also attracts the customer to pick up your product. The printing can be used for mailing brochures, business cards, manuals, newsletters, flyers, CDs, and DVDs, greeting cards, banners, and even invoices.


Packing Solution

The next thing you might want to consider is if the boxes can be folded. With folding cartons, you can create an attractive box and still function as a packing solution. Customizing the folding cartons is a great way to add a personal touch. With different printing techniques, you can have different colors and textures put onto the box to have an elegant look. Customizing folding cartons is a cost-efficient means of creating unique packaging solutions.

High-Quality Packaging

High-quality packaging is important to ensure that your product reaches your target audience in the right condition. Using custom rigid boxes with the right printing techniques is a great way to guarantee that your product reaches the people who matter the most. The last thing you want is to send a high-quality product to your client only to have it arrive damaged or with noticeable cracks and holes. By using the right-box styles and materials, you can help ensure that your shipment reaches the exact clients you wanted it to. Customizing products for clients is the best way to show them how much you appreciate their business. With customized box styles and materials, you can also make sure that your product arrives in its very own unique package.

Street Characters

If you want to add some fun to your packaging, you can add fun characters, such as Dora, Sesame Street characters, or even sports-related icons. This will provide an extra touch to your packaging which will excite clients and make them want to open your package. One fun idea is to use custom rigid boxes printed with the logo of your sports team or sport that your customer is a fan of. You can also find unusual shapes, such as a heart shape or a football-shaped box. When opening the box, the character or figure will pop out and your customer will be delighted at the fun experience. Many retailers stock these items in varying sizes so they can be customized according to your customer's needs.

In addition to customizing packaging to match your product and brand, you can also look into using different box styles and materials to fit the product you are sending. There are various ways to pack various products, including using traditional box packaging, as well as using his board packaging. Both have different advantages, which are discussed below. Box packing has been found to be more effective when packing fragile items. However, when using his board packaging, you will find it to be cost effective and not as fragile as other box styles.


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