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Custom wardrobes in Christchurch: maximizing space and style 

Aside from a comfortable bed, the next most important piece of furniture in a bedroom is the wardrobe. It’s essential to have well-designed clothes storage solutions in a bedroom, no matter how much space or clothing you have. But which type of wardrobe is best for you? A freestanding or fitted wardrobe?

Wardrobe ideas: what type is best, freestanding or fitted wardrobes?

Freestanding wardrobes are removable storage solutions that are not permanently attached to the floor or wall. Fitted wardrobes are made-to-measure and built into the room. For such a prominent piece of bedroom furniture, it’s worth exploring which is the best storage solution for your lifestyle, room and budget before making a decision. Each type of wardrobe has pros and cons: 

The pros and cons of freestanding wardrobes

The advantages of freestanding wardrobes include:

  • Portable for rearranging of bedroom furniture for an interior update.
  • Maintains value as an asset for resale.
  • Standard bedroom wardrobes and storage sold in bulk so cheaper than custom fitted wardrobes.
  • Can often be quickly delivered. 

The disadvantages of freestanding wardrobes:

  • Limited size options which can restrict where you place them.
  • They do not make best use of space available.
  • Limited options or set hanging space/drawer configuration.
  • Makes rooms, especially smaller ones, feel cluttered.

The pros and cons of custom wardrobes

The advantages of bespoke wardrobes include:

  • They maximise the space available – every millimetre is used to take optimise storage capacity.
  • Architectural features, awkward corners and sloped ceilings can be incorporated within the wardrobe design.
  • Fitted wardrobes provide storage tailored to your unique interior design needs.
  • They make storing and organising clothes and accessories easy.
  • Delivering a seamless look, fitted wardrobes make bedrooms feel bigger and sleeker by exploiting the full floor to ceiling height. 
  • Fitted wardrobes are easy to clean and maintain.
  • They help avoid cluttering.
  • Investing in fitted wardrobes adds value to your home when built and installed to a high standard.

The disadvantages of fitted wardrobes:

  • All bespoke products cost more money than mass produced equivalents. Custom built exclusively for you, they fit the space perfectly, and will always cost more than ‘off the shelf’ wardrobes.
  • Custom wardrobes are fixed in place and cannot be taken with you if you move home. 

Wardrobe storage: how do you choose the best type?

If you are on a tight budget, and don’t mind choosing from set designs and features, freestanding wardrobes can be a good choice for you. However, if there is an awkward space to use and you need to maximise storage and interior design opportunities, made-to-measure wardrobes are the best solution for you. 

Alternatively, if you have the space and opportunity to convert a separate room, a walk-in wardrobe is the pinnacle of storage delivering an abundance of display, hanging and shelf space in a truly luxurious way. 

Interior designers recommend bespoke joinery for customised storage solutions. Whether for a walk-in wardrobe, a separate dressing room or for built-in wardrobes, skilled joiners will ensure their project is finished to an exceptional quality, on time and on budget.  

How much do fitted wardrobes cost?

Fitted wardrobes come with a higher price tag than the more traditional freestanding wardrobes. The size of the wardrobe, the quality and type of the materials, the finish you choose and the additional internal fittings you select are the main factors determining the cost. 

The internal fittings of a custom wardrobe is where their success lies, but your choices impact the overall cost, examples include: 

Adjustable shelves: accommodate varying heights of clothing items and accessories.

Customised compartments: incorporate specialised sections for shoes, ties, jewellery, handbags and other accessories.

Integrated lighting: illuminate the wardrobe's contents for improved visibility.

Soft-close mechanisms: ensure smooth and quiet operation of drawers and doors.

Mirrored panels: additional functionality that boosts visual appeal while creating the illusion of more space.

Built-in drawers: provide convenient storage for folded clothes and smaller items.

Pull-out accessories: include features like pull-out shelves or tie racks for added convenience.

Quality hardware: Choose durable hinges, handles, and drawer slides to deliver long-lasting performance.

For a more accurate idea about price, visit a fitted wardrobes Christchurch showroom for a detailed quotation. 

Are fitted wardrobes worth the extra money? If you have invested and hired experienced and skilled joiners for high quality bedroom storage, the answer will always be yes. As well as adding welcome storage and style elements to your home, they also boost its value. While the initial cost of custom wardrobes may seem significant, it's often outweighed by the value they add to the property. These bespoke features are considered a desirable luxury and consistently remain in high demand among homeowners and potential buyers alike.

How long does it take to build and install a custom wardrobe?

The timeline for building and professionally installing fitted wardrobes typically ranges from two to six weeks and involves several stages, the most important being the consultation and design planning stage. This is where the key details are agreed, but also any issues with the site identified. For example, damp walls in a bedroom may need remedial work before wardrobes could be fitted and would delay installation.

Once you have signed off on the custom wardrobe design, precise measurements are taken to guarantee a perfect fit. Construction of the wardrobes follows, either off-site or on-site depending on access and other issues. 

Professional installation of fitted wardrobes is recommended (unless you have confidence in your DIY skills). Skilled wardrobe installers assemble components of the design with meticulous attention to detail and can make any required adjustments. The final stage is a thorough inspection to ensure the fitted wardrobes meet the client's specifications and quality standards. 

Checks to make before you buy fitted wardrobes in Christchurch

Whether you are splashing out for a walk-in wardrobe, or fitting a wardrobe in the smallest bedroom, it’s wise to make the following checks before you commit.

  • Is everything you expect included in the quoted price? Any quote you receive, no matter the size or design of the fitted wardrobes, Christchurch joiners should always give you a clear and unambiguous price outlining precisely what is included. Are fixtures and fittings, the delivery and installation of the wardrobes included? Are there likely to be additional costs? What happens if additional work is required? These details should be explained to you and agreed before you commit and works begin. 
  • Are joinery works covered by a warranty beyond the Consumer Guarantee Act? Some brands offer additional cover and are worth seeking out.
  • Is the company a big brand or an independent company? Customers are often more satisfied by the experience of working with smaller local Christchurch joiners due to the more personalised customer experience and service they receive. Check out reviews online and visit the showroom to get a feel of the customer care you will receive.
  • Do you feel pressured to commit? The best bespoke wardrobe companies will not put you under pressure to sign on the dotted line immediately.

Investing in fitted bedroom furniture is a big decision, so its crucial to evaluate the various factors to ensure you are making the best choice for your home. Confirm the budget you have and consider the specific features and the material finish you desire. Remember, fitted wardrobes come with a higher price tag due to their bespoke nature, but their quality and customisation options are unparalleled. 

Professional wardrobe designers give you expert opinion about what can be achieved in the space available, so heed their words; they will impart valuable advice to help you achieve the best results. By conducting thorough research and careful consideration, you can confidently invest in fitted wardrobes to enhance both the functionality and aesthetic appeal of your home.

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