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Printing is an important part of packaging because it helps to highlight their details and define them in an interesting way. It is a long procedure that involves the development of graphic designs on packaging boxes so that they look very charming. Almost everything around, us has some type of printing done on it. There are two genuine and most common reasons to use printing for packaging:

  • Visual communication with the onlookers.

  • Powerful conveying of message through words.

Although printing is an important part of each business, here is why anyhow it is imperative for blank cereal box:

  • A creative, neat and properly created printing helps to target and reach out to the right audience.

  • Printed boxes are more functional to convey your brand details to the customers instead of non-printed boxes.

  • It also helps to clear all the queries of customers regarding g the product type, its features and qualities.

Types of printing:

  • Lithography

  • Digital printing

  • Flexography

  • Screen printing

  • 3D printing 

  • Inkjet printing

  • Engraving printing

  • Foil stamping

  • LED UV printing

  • Emboss printing

  • Deboss printing

  • Spot UV pattern

These are the few common and most widely used printing methods for packing boxes. However, here is a briefer description of each of these methods as it can help you understand the purpose of printing on cereal box blank.

Digital printing:

It is one of the highly used promoting methods in the market. With the passage of time and more innovation in technology, digital printing has come up with flawless results. For materials like cardboard and corrugated stuff, digital printing works really well. Initially, it was difficult to print materials like cardboard but digital printing has solved this problem too. Also, digital printing stays for quite a long time on the boxes so it really helps the users a log.

Advantages and disadvantages of digital printing:

  • It needs almost zero tools which cut down the cost.

  • Easy and quick to print

  • Has the small format

  • Costly for a large number of boxes

  • Difficulty in matching colour paints

  • Individual cost is high

  • Have minimum options for coating

3D Printing:

3D printing is basically used for three-dimensional products and helps to describe the product properly before the customers. This mode of printing provides a very impressive and unique visual presentation which also pleases the customers and onlookers. This kind of printing is quite effective for objects which are made from cardboard or any other plastic material. It makes the product look visually pleasing and quite aesthetic which also increases their chance of being more popular. There are different kinds of inks that are used in 3d printing as they are really helpful.

Advantages and disadvantages of 3D printing:

  • Can be used for printing on any kind of material.

  • Creates a smooth and sublime layer of designs on the surface.

  • Good to use from the environment perspective.

  • 3D printing needs a certain size or structure of the product to be created.

  • Although quite reasonable sometimes due to various inks, it becomes expensive.

Inkjet printing:

As the name indicates, inkjet printing is a technique through which various colours of ink drops are sprinkled at the surface of the plain cereal boxes. Different types of nozzles are used to spray the inks so that a fully smooth and flawless design or image is created. This is a very simpler yet skilful way but can cause a smudge or irregular spray of inks. Different types of inks like water-based, oil-based, hot melt inks, UV inks and oil-free inks are commonly used for this method of printing.

Advantages and Disadvantages:

  • Beautiful and catchy display due to the use of different kinds of inks.

  • Can be easily used on different kinds of materials like cardboard, plastic, glass and corrugated stuff.

  • A very catchy and illustrative representation of designs.

  • This kind of promotion is easily damaged.

  • Not recommended for high-quality printing.

  • Very slow printing sledge.

  • Fear of damage, ink smudging and spoiling.

Foil stamping:

A newly developed yet so popular printing technique that deals in design printing and image development at packaging boxes. In this technique, a reasonable amount of great is utilized to press the foil papers so that it creates an astonishing design sense. It makes the designs look distinguished and quite interesting. Apart from that the designs are always very appealing and leading in their looks. Also, it gives quite a shiny and surprising outlook to the images which does wonders to please the customers.

Advantages and disadvantages:

  • Used to produce a shiny and illustrative image of designs on the surface.

  • Can combine with other printing techniques and becomes more engaging.

  • A number of colours and hotter combinations

  • A costly process.

  • Needs a pot of time and effort.

Emboss printing:

In order to create a highlighted and raised pool of your designs, images, texts or logos, you can use emboss printing technique. It is very helpful and can give wonderful results. It also helps to create a 3D effect at the surface which is another plus point. Dry embossing, wet embossing, heat embossing and a few of the types of printing through the embossing technique.

Advantages and disadvantages:

  • Helpful in creating 3D design imaging.

  • Presents a very fine, smooth and equally lined surface.

  • Preferred options for preparing customized boxes and envelopes.

  • Sometimes can be very expensive.

  • Embossing dies are very costly.

Deboss printing:

Deboss is a very interesting technique for printing but it is used to sink the surface down as opposed to embossing. With a pretentious look, it seems to give a hollow and empty effect. Debossing is mostly used on the front of the Luxury Candle Boxes Wholesale. It has its own keys and cons and they are as mentioned below.

Advantages and disadvantages:

  • Used to create an effect of depth on the surface.

  • Debossed areas can be easily filled with different kinds of inks.

  • Feasible for cards, boxes and logos.

  • Due to various kinds of designs, this type is a bit expensive comparatively.

  • A number of inks can be used which can also increase the cost.

We are happy to announce that BoxesMe is providing all these kinds of printing services with full responsibility at its store. So do contact us if you need any guidance or anything with packaging printing techniques.



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