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123 bottom boxes are very popular among various types of businesses due to their safeguarding abilities. They also provide convenience to the businesses in the assembling process as die-cuts are already there, and labor does not need any special effort to assemble them. There is a long debate about what to choose between predesigned or custom boxes. Here are some of the benefits that will show you which one business prefers the most.

Advantages of Pre-designed packages

Predesigned 1-2-3 bottom boxes are preferred by some businesses due to their benefits. These benefits are not many, but some people consider them quite important. So, here they are, that can help you in understanding their importance.

Readily available

This is the major benefit of these packages. As the name suggests, these packages available for purchase to the customers without taking any time for manufacturing. Businesses already have stock of these 123 bottom boxes that customers can buy at any time. That is a great facility for businesses that need urgent delivery. No need to think about designing them as they already have some graphics on them. That is a great benefit to these packages.

Low cost

Well, packaging manufacturers make these kinds of packages in huge quantities and sell them to different businesses. We know that manufacturing the same kind of things in huge quantities can save a lot of money. That means they are available at a pretty lower cost than the customized ones. Apart from their manufacturing cost, printing cost is also quite low due to the huge amount of items. This is an appealing advantage of this kind of packaging.

Disadvantages of pre-designed packages

There are a lot of disadvantages and lost opportunities when businesses use predesigned printed 1-2-3 bottom boxes. That is why many people do not prefer them as these disadvantages are far more than their advantages. Here are some of the top disadvantages of this packaging that will help you in deciding whether to buy them or not.

No customizations

Well, this is obvious because we know that they are manufactured by the packaging manufacturers according to their thinking. That means you cannot make any changes according to your requirements. Not just this, it is also impossible to have any extra feature that is necessary for your product security like inserts, dual encasement or high rigidity of the materials, etc. This is a major disadvantage of this kind of packaging.

Fixed dimensions

When we are talking about no option for customization, it means no matter what the size of the product is, you cannot change the size of the packaging according to that. Some businesses provide different size options, but it depends on your luck if you can find the exact match for your items. That means the security of your items, as well as the value of the product, is at stake. That is why this drawback is quite an important one.

Benefits of Customized boxes

There are plenty of benefits of having custom 1-2-3 bottom boxes for the products. Many people prefer this kind of packaging that they can easily customize according to their needs. Here are some of the advantages that will leave you amazed.

Marketing and branding opportunities

As it is easy to make alterations in them, many brands like to design them with their promotional material. Like discount offers or announcing sales through them is easy. It is also beneficial to print them with the slogan or tagline of the brand. That will do marketing for the company. It is possible to pint them with branding information as well. In this way, they can do marketing and branding for businesses.

Availability of unique shapes

If we say that this is the major benefit of having these packages, it will not be a lie because many companies like to have a unique style of packaging boxes to make an impact on their consumers. Buying modified packages allows the brands to get them to manufacture in the desired shape. It is also convenient to manufacture them in different styles like sleeve packaging, shoulder packaging, etc. That is a great benefit to them.

Personalization according to consumers

Associating the product with the consumers is not just a dream when businesses buy Custom printing 1-2-3 bottom boxes. Brands can design them according to the culture, demographics, geographical location, religion, liking, and disliking, etc. of the consumers. That makes a lasting impact on the perception of the consumers about the brands. That is a great reason why many people prefer them.

Connection with the product

Here comes a big advantage of having these packages. This is the connection between the packaging with the product. Predesigned ones cannot be personalized according to the product inside. But companies can easily design them in a way that they have a strong connection with the items inside. Like a die-cut window manufactured in a way that enhances the persona of the product inside. Illustrations that connects with the design of the product inside are amazing. That is why it is among the great advantages of these packages.

No one can deny that custom 1-2-3 bottom boxes are far more important than the predesigned ones. These do not have any specific disadvantages as the predesigned ones have. That is a great reason why many people prefer to have these Printed products over the readymade ones. These benefits of customized packaging are the reason behind their popularity.



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