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CVS NNN Properties: A Smart Investment in the Current Market

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The current market conditions have led to a rise in demand for essential goods and services, making CVS NNN properties a smart investment choice. With a net lease structure, investors can enjoy the benefits of owning a commercial property without the burden of managing it. In this article, we will discuss the advantages of investing in CVS NNN properties for sale and how to find the right one for you.

What Makes CVS NNN Properties Attractive Investments?

The creditworthiness of the tenant: CVS is a well-established retail chain with a strong credit rating, providing investors with a reliable income stream.

Net lease structure: With the tenant responsible for all operating expenses, investors do not have to worry about the day-to-day management of the property.

Appreciation potential: The value of the property may appreciate over time as the demand for retail space increases.

How to Evaluate the Financials of a CVS NNN Property

Rent roll: Review the rent roll to ensure that the property generates sufficient income to cover operating expenses and provide a positive cash flow.

Operating expenses: Review the operating expenses to ensure they are reasonable and in line with similar properties in the area.

Capitalization rate: Calculate the capitalization rate to determine the property's potential return on investment.

How to Find the Right Location for a CVS NNN Property

High-traffic areas: Look for properties located in areas with a high volume of foot traffic, such as busy shopping centers or strip malls.

Demographic profile: Consider the demographic profile of the area, including median income, population density, and age distribution, to ensure that the property will be in demand by the local community.

Competition: Research the competition in the area to ensure that the property will be able to attract and retain customers.


Investing in CVS NNN properties can provide investors with a reliable income stream and the potential for appreciation. By evaluating the financials and location of the property, investors can find the right CVS NNN property to suit their investment goals and take advantage of the current market conditions.



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