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Cyber Security Professionals in Demand

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Cyber Security Professionals in Demand

Today is the era of a connected world with the internet. We have connected almost all desktops and laptops to the internet. It then extended to mobile phones and now smart devices. And this ‘connectedness’ creates a lot of threats. To protect the world from such threats domain of cyber security came into being.

Risk in the Digital World and Cyber Security

In the digital world, we are prone to different kinds of threats ranging from theft to viruses. If you look at some of the following statistics from some of the research reports, you would be able to gauge the severity of these threats.

“ On an average 3000 websites are hacked every day.

A company falls victim to a cyber-attack every 39 seconds.

Cyber-attacks increase 50% year on year. “

Our exposure to the digital world is increasing. It is virtually impossible for us to imagine daily life without smartphones. Youngsters are getting hooked to social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. many hours of the day. With the Covid pandemic and lockdown situations, digital payments and digital bank operations have grown substantially in number.

All this exposure increases the risk of cyber-attack. Now we know that the digital world has penetrated our daily lives, we need to live with this risk. Obviously, we will not just keep watching being attacked, we will secure our fortress. And cyber security is the science of identifying different types of threats, studying them, and protecting our valuable assets from damage.

Cyber Security and Different Types of Threats

In the world of cyber security, a bad person or a villain is called Hacker. Hackers are the people who have malicious intentions and try to steal the data, do fraud, siphon off money and create trouble.

Hackers enjoy breaking into the computer system using all the non-legitimate ways. What do they do after entering into the system? Some of the crazy things these hackers do are

Stealing valuable data like customer names, contact numbers, bank details

Encrypting the entire data and asking for ransom

Erasing the data so as to hinder the operations of a business

Shutting down a working website or software, defacement of a website to impact a business

Wondering how they do all of this?

You get an email from some address, which appears to be legitimate, promising you a reward of a hefty sum. For the reward, you are supposed to only click on the link inside that email. When you do so, your computer is compromised. This is known as a phishing attack.

Ethical Hacking Course in Pune

There are many types of cyber-attacks. The technical names for such attacks include Footprinting, Scanning, Enumeration, System Hacking, Trojans & Backdoors, etc. More advanced techniques are used in Denial of Service, Social Engineering, Session Hijacking, Hacking Web Servers, Web-based Password Cracking Techniques, SQL Injection, Hacking Wireless Networks, Viruses & Worms. With every new technology and version, hackers find more weak spots or vulnerabilities to steal the data.

All businesses need to protect themselves from such attacks. Hence, Cyber security experts are in demand. These professionals have in-depth knowledge of such attacks and their remedies. They help you protect the assets from possible attacks by strengthening the infrastructure through firewalls, antivirus, and other tools.

As digital assets need protection all the time, every big business is having a dedicated team to look after them. As the number of attacks or cyber incidents would keep on increasing every year, so is the demand for skilled security professionals. If you want to jump into this challenging career, choose the right IT Training Institute like Texceed and enroll in an Ethical hacking course in Pune. Acquire skills in the information security domain and be sure of career growth!



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