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Cyberpunk 2077 is finally launched and getting positive reviews from all around the world. Cyberpunk was the most awaited game for 2020, and the review it is getting from critics and fans is bigger than the developers’ expectations. To make the game unique, developers have added additional turns and some extra tasks for the players. There are plenty of things in the game that players can touch and operate.

Players are allowed to customize appearance, gears and choose additional skills for the character. There are even cars that players can purchase. To get the car, players have to visit the car store to purchase, but players have to hit a certain level in the game before doing it.

Players can access cars in a few ways, including by stolen or simply purchased from the store. A thing to remember for the players is that they cannot permanently store the stolen car in the garage, but this doesn’t apply to purchase cars. So based on this, a purchased or unlocked car is way better than a stolen car.

Find Cars

Once you hit the Act 2 level, you can look for the cars in the Night City. Soon you’ll receive a text from an NPC character, Fixer. He’ll inform you about a car for sale. You can check out the message from the Journal tab or directly from the Message section. In the text, you’ll get the necessary information about the car. If you’re interested in the car, then you’ll need to visit the location where the car is placed.

How to Purchase the Cars

Once you have the vehicle’s details and you’re interested in purchasing it, you have to visit its location to approach it. You can purchase the vehicle, and it will be added to your Cyberpunk vehicle calling list. Soon you’ll receive one more text message from Fixer to confirm the purchase. Once you confirm the purchase, you’ll be the rightful owner of the vehicle.

How to Select Cars

Even after buying multiple cars, players can select the preferred one to drive. Once you have multiple cars in your store, then you need to press and hold down a specific button based on your playing platform. Once you follow the process, you’ll see all purchased cars on the list. If you only have a single car, nothing will happen, but if you have purchased multiple cars, it will appear in your store.

Cars don’t come at a low price, so before purchasing a car, make sure it is unique and helpful. Some cars in Cyberpunk 2077 are very special because of their design, price, and speed. Those special cars don’t come quickly. Players have to progress the game and some essential missions to purchase special cars.

Along with the main missions of Cyberpunk 2077, there are plenty of side missions available that also offer rewards. Some side missions even offer cars. So make sure to play side missions along with the main missions.

Conclusion In the world of Cyberpunk 2077, it is necessary to have all types of essential gears and other items. Along with cars, gears are also important. Similar to cars, gears are also unlockable. Players have to complete missions and make payments to unlock unique gears. But to explore the Night City properly, it is necessary to have a car. 

Source: Cyberpunk 2077: How to Purchase a Car

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