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The Daihatsu Ayla is a popular urban car choice today, Such as Ayla1.2 ,Ayla1.1 and so on,which makes it one of the top three best-selling 5-passenger LCGC cars under the Honda Brio Satya as the best-selling model.

Toyota Agya is available in 6 variants. The price of the Toyota Agya ranges from Rp. 144 million to Rp. 169 million. Regarding service costs or routine maintenance, is this Daihatsu Ayla friendly enough?

Costs incurred may vary, depending on the period of service performed. Broadly speaking, PT Astra Daihatsu Motor provides a service guarantee for 50,000 km.

However, the purchase of fast moving parts is clearly the responsibility of the owner of Daihatsu Ayla. For air filters, it can reach IDR 75 thousand, 0w-30 oil costs IDR 170 thousand per liter and 5w-30 oil IDR 90 thousand per liter.

Maintenance 1,000 km

As explained on the official Daihatsu website, all Daihatsu models in Indonesia get regular free service for the first maintenance when the car reaches 1,000 km. Inspections include engine components such as cooling systems and air rivals, as well as chassis and body condition.

Kilometer 10,000 / 30,000 / 50,000

When the car has reached 10,000 kilometers, its maintenance is almost the same as 30,000 km, 50,000 km, 70,000 km and 90,000 km. Services include changing engine oil, checking spark plugs and air filters.

Usually, Daihatsu cars get an oil change. But specifically for Daihatsu Ayla and Sigra, replacement is made every 24 months or 20,000 kilometers. For maintenance at a distance of 10 thousand km, the cost required is around Rp. 300 thousand.

20,000 kilometers

When the car covers a distance of 20,000 kilometers, Daihatsu Ayla will get oil filter changes, air conditioning system checks, and exhaust and suspension system checks. Replacement of components costs around Rp. 400 thousand, while Daihatsu Ayla's service fee during this period is still free.

40,000 kilometers

In a period of 40,000 km, Daihatsu Ayla needs to change the transmission oil, axle oil, air filter and AC filter. In addition, Daihatsu Ayla also had to replace the radiator fluid. The total cost incurred is around Rp. 600 thousand.

Calculation of Maintenance Costs for Honda Brio Satya and RS

Like a new car, various after-sales packages are presented to attract potential customers. So it's not interesting anymore if Honda Prospect Motor (HPM) as the Brand Holder Agent (APM) of Honda cars in Indonesia eliminates new Brio service fees of up to 50 thousand km or 4 years depending on which one is reached first.

Speaking of prices, the latest Honda Brio RS ranges from Rp. 187 million to Rp. 202 million. For the Satya Honda Brio variant, it is only available in 3 variants. The price of the Honda Brio Satya ranges from Rp. 148 million to Rp. 173 million.

In this package, it means that the owner of a Honda Brio RS or Satya car will only be charged the cost of its spare parts. The following is a breakdown of the Honda Brio service costs:

10,000 kilometers

When the first servicing of the Honda Brio was carried out at 10 thousand km, and of course there were several components that had to be replaced. Namely, let's call it engine oil, washer drain, and brake grease. HPM claims that the total cost of these spare parts is only IDR 348 thousand.

20,000 kilometers

In the second periodic service, to be precise at 20 thousand km the replaced parts are not much different from the first service. However, there are additional differences in oil filter replacement. That way, the maintenance costs of 20 thousand km of the Honda Brio will be Rp. 385 thousand.

Kilometer 30,000

For periodic servicing of 30 thousand km, Honda Brio will make different replacement parts compared to previous services. Brio, either Satya or RS, needs to replace the air filter so that the total cost of spare parts reaches IDR 483 thousand.

40,000 kilometers

During the service period of 40 thousand km, several components need to be replaced. Besides needing to change engine oil, washer drain, and brake degrease. Consumers are also asked to replace the oil filter, spark plugs, transmission oil (for the CVT variant), and also the transmission drain washer for the CVT variant. So that the total replacement of these spare parts can reach IDR 473 thousand.

Kilometer 50,000

At the end of the warranty period, the replacement of spare parts for Honda Brio cars at the odometer's mileage of 50 thousand km was only minor. Just like 10 thousand km service, so the total cost is the same, which is only IDR 348 thousand.


It can be seen from the table detailing the routine maintenance costs between Daihatsu Ayla and Honda Brio, it turns out that Ayla is more expensive. Daihatsu Ayla service fees reach Rp. 600 thousand for servicing at a distance of 30 thousand km. Compare with Brio, where the most expensive service fee is still under Rp. 500 thousand, to be precise 483 thousand.

Indeed, in terms of price, Brio Satya is more expensive than Daihatsu Ayla. But for maintenance matters, Brio Satya can be more friendly on the wallet.


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