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With a capital of Rp. 80 million looking for used LMPV on a used car market (mobkas)? Daihatsu Xenia his choice.

 Yup, the choice is a  used Daihatsu Xenia in 2012.

From 2004 until now there have been about 50 types of Xenia cars in Indonesia.

Daihatsu Xenia uses 2 types of engines, all of which use four cylinders.

Namely, 1,000 cc with 62 hp and 1,300 cc with 92 hp.

However, the performance and features are no less attractive to other brands.

For the 2012 Xenia, there is a price in the range of Rp. 80 million depending on the condition of the vehicle.

So, to be clearer, just look at the price list below( harga Terios ) :

All New 1.0 D Deluxe20121,000 cc, 62 dkIDR 85 millionAll New 1.0 Li Family20121,000 cc, 62 dkIDR 80 millionAll New 1.0 M Family20121,000 cc, 62 dkIDR 80 millionAll New 1.3 RA / T20121,300 cc, 95 dkIDR 100 millionAll New 1.3 R Attivo A / T20121,300 cc, 91 dkIDR 105 millionAll New 1.3 R Attivo M / T20121,300 cc, 91 dkIDR 105 millionAll New 1.3 RM / T20121,300 cc, 95 dkIDR 100 millionAll New 1.3 XA / T20121,300 cc, 92 dkIDR 100 millionAll New 1.3 XM / T20121,300 cc, 92 dkIDR 95 million

Video link : https://youtu.be/fFP5Vh_Xn34

Daihatsu Terios and his brother, Toyota Rush disease generally affects the interior sector.

Owners of Terios and Rush should be alert when the rainy season hits because there are problems that may be lurking.

As happened to Ardayasa Abdallah, owner of the 2010 Toyota Rush GM / T.

Even though it happened in Rush, it is not impossible for this disease to happen to his brother, Daihatsu Terios.

“From just buying, there is no problem, but recently, there is water seepage on the ceiling above pillar A, on the left side,” said Arda, his nickname.

Once traced, it turned out that the source came from a groove covered with molding rubber on the roof.

If that happens, it will be very disturbing because the ceiling can be wet, even if it is not repaired, the ceiling will cause spots and bad odor.

If left unchecked, water can wet the cabin floor. If it's like this, inevitably you have to replace it with a new ceiling.

The cause is actually simple, starting from the molding rubber that is not tight, until there are small holes that cannot be seen.

Even though the solution is easy, you only need a sealant and a cloth or brush to clean the molding area.

The solution is easy, open the molding rubber using a screwdriver min.

Then clean the surface using a brush, but do not use water so as not to leak into the cabin.

When you are sure the surface is dry, apply the sealant to any surface that looks stretched or has holes in it.

Oh yes, try to use a sealant that is clear in color and doesn't smell strong because the content in the sealant has the potential to damage the paint.

Make sure everything is tightly closed so that it doesn't allow water to get back in.

After the sealant is dry, close the molding rubber back to its original position, and Rush or Terios no longer has leaks.


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