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Who doesn’t know Danny Duncan already? He is one of the kindest YouTubers and funniest bloggers out there. There is no surprise that he has over 6.6 Million subscribers on this youtube channel. Among fangirls, he is popularly known for his amazing looks, green eyes, and curly hair. Here’s a fun fact — did you know? Danny Duncan is about to turn 30 years old next month! That’s right! Today, we brought to you a concise Logue on who is Danny Duncan? What is his net worth? And much more. Let’s get started —

Who is Danny Duncan?

To begin with, born on 27th July in the year 1992, Danny Duncan is 30 years old (about to be) popular YouTuber and vlogger. He is prominently known for his videos in collaboration with “Papa Jim.” In 2014, Danny Duncan started his career as a content creator on youtube. He was born in Englewood in, Florida. Nowadays, he resides in LA, California, and The United States. 

Further ahead, what most fans of Danny Duncan do not know is that he has a wide arena of interests. He is not just a YouTuber. Indeed, his youtube channel is loaded with skateboarding videos, acting, music, and humor videos. 

He also takes a high-end interest in sharing his family’s cute moments on youtube, especially with his mother, Susan, who has brought up Danny Duncan and his siblings alone. 

Since born in America, Danny Duncan has been American. On the contrary, he is Caucasian by ethnicity. Nowadays, Danny Duncan is exploring creating public prank videos and vlogs on youtube. Check these videos out today!

What is Danny Duncan's Net Worth?

For the most part, currently, Danny Duncan is not the richest Youtuber out there. However, he is one of the top 50 richest YouTubers in the world. Surprisingly enough, Danny Duncan 2014 has built himself a fortune worth $7 million approximately. 

According to the inside details, Danny Duncan completed his high school graduation from Lemon Bay Local High School in Englewood. To achieve his dream of popularity, he preferred to move to Los Angeles, California, USA. He did not attend University for further studies. However, his side-by-side interest in football is also embraced by him to this day. 

What’s more? Did you know — Danny Duncan, at the age of 20, only started his brand called “Virginity Rocks.” He has an online store that sells various products to the fans of his brand. You can purchase t-shirts, mugs, and much more. 

Danny Duncan Controversy — is it true? 

In the event you are wondering why Danny Duncan is becoming famous for all the wrong reasons nowadays, let us tell you all about it. Recently, another YouTuber and Danny Duncan’s former collaborator published a video on youtube. In the discussed video, the YouTuber has accused Danny of humourous abuse. 

On the contrary, Danny Duncan has not spoken about the accusations. He has reacted to the video and provided some recordings where a “former youtuber” is asking Danny to give him advice as he wants to become famous at any cost. 


No matter how many people hate Danny Duncan online for alleged abuse, however, his 3.5 million followers online love him to no end. Do you want to acknowledge more about Mr. Duncan and his uprising career? Get all the details which are coming soon on our website. Thank you. We wish you Good luck!


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