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If you are new to the concept of spa, or if you have never been to a day spa, you may be feeling a bit confused by the terminology. For example, things like reflexology and microdermabrasion can seem like something out of a science fiction movie. If you don't understand these terms, it can be difficult for you to decide on spa packages or spa treatment options. As a result, before you start shopping for a spa package, you might find the following definitions of common spa language useful. Spa in Al Satwa

• Microdermabrasion. This is a process in which a slight abrasion is used to remove the outermost layer of dead skin. It is most often used on the face, neck, and chest, areas that are generally exposed to toxins and the most damaging ultraviolet rays. The result is smoother, younger, and more radiant skin. Not all day spa centers offer this procedure.

• Reflexology. Many scientists and health professionals believe that the soles of the feet are an access point to the rest of the body. With careful application of pressure to certain points on the feet, tension is relieved, circulation is improved, and as a result, organs function more efficiently. It relieves all kinds of pain and tension and stimulates your body to expel toxins.

• Infrared sauna. This specific type of sauna session is available at a number of day spas. Using infrared technology, the body is heated in a sauna safely and efficiently. Far infrared saunas offer all the benefits of sitting in a sauna to flush out toxins and rejuvenate the skin, but without the risks associated with steam baths.

• Ear candle. This procedure may seem strange, but it is actually quite basic. On limiting the excess earwax and another buildup in the ear, those who suffer from chronic headaches, sinus problems, hay fever allergies, and other discomforts associated with the ear find often a relief. As an all-natural option, there are no medications involved and there are no trips to the doctor or pharmacy for relief. Massage in Deira

When looking for information or options available at various day spa facilities, be sure to ask the spa employees to explain any procedures or treatments that you are not familiar with. These people are used to explaining not only what each treatment consists of, but also the benefits it can offer you. If you don't know what a particular treatment is called, just explain what discomfort you are experiencing or what experience you would like to try. They can then emphasize what they have to offer without resorting to jargon.


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