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The DC Entertainment Universe includes various brave and heroic superheroes. Some of them got perfect endings, and some got tragic endings. The DCEU has introduced several superheroes, created different films, and introduced various other characters and villains. Some of these characters have been able to show enough sympathy, and some have been able to show less sympathy. Due to this, the era of many characters lasted for a long time while the era of other characters ended relatively fast. The DCEU has not been so kind to its superheroes and does not give anything to them for free. Due to this, the superheroes of DCEU have to face various challenges, which results in sacrificing themselves or losing the people they love. This article discussed five of the DCEU characters who got perfect endings in the DC Entertainment Universe.

Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn is one of the youngest characters to be shown in the DCEU. The life of Harley has been adventurous as we see her journey turning from the life of a criminal to being a respectable psychiatrist. In the film Suicide Squad, Amanda Waller is responsible for making Harley Quinn join the Suicide Squad. However, she manages to escape and starts her new life. She also breaks her relationship with her boyfriend, Joker, an abusive person, and makes new friends. She also seems happier now.

General Ludendorff

General Ludendorff is another one of the most famous characters in the DC Entertainment Universe. General Erich Ludendorff is a villainous character that stands in the way of Wonder Woman. Erich is an intelligent and ruthless person who kills many to achieve his targets. Diana/Wonder Woman believes that he is Ares and kills him. However, he deserves to get killed even before committing such greater evil.

Arthur Curry

Arthur Curry/Aquaman, known as the king of Atlantis, had to go a long way to achieve his deserved position. He grows with his father only after his mother has to leave forcefully. He is shown to be a kind of an outsider, but the situation gets better slowly for him after discovering his powers and starting his training. Now he is the ruler of Atlantis, found his partner Mera, and became a member of the Justice League.

Thomas Curry

Thomas Curry is one of the most famous characters in the universe of DC Entertainment. He is the father of Aquaman/Arthur Curry and the husband of Queen Atlanna. He raises his son alone after his wife leaves to protect them. He waited many years for her return and always loved her even if she was not with him for a long period. It is considered the perfect ending for Thomas Curry as Atlanna comes back to her husband at the same place where they promised each other to meet.

Billy Batson

Billy Batson is a famous DCEU character from the film Shazam!. The theme of this film is loneliness. Billy is an orphan and searches for his real life. After finding his mother, he learns that she has no interest in him. He has to toss his life and superhero powers in the air every day. However, in the end, Billy becomes a happy person and a true superhero.

This article lists five characters who got fitting endings in the DC Entertainment Universe and concluded that all of the above-discussed actors possess great potential to fit perfectly in their respective roles. We also hope to see them in the upcoming DCEU movies.

Source: DCEU: 5 Characters Who Got Fitting Endings


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