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The DC Extended Universe has been very famous among most Hollywood movie fans. The DCEU has introduced various superheroes such as Superman and Wonder Woman. Still, even after having superpowers, these heroes could not stop some of the most heartbreaking separations from happening. The DCEU has always focused a bit more on the separations of the main characters. However, it does not seem to be likable, but this has been a common thing in the DC Extended Universe to watch at large. This article lists the five most heartbreaking separations that we have seen in the DC Extended Universe.

Superman and Lois, Before He Goes to Sacrifice Himself (Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice)

In the film Superman: Dawn Of Justice, Superman is treated very badly by the public. But still, he remains true to his amazing and selfless nature and decides to sacrifice himself to kill Doomsday. This decision of Superman was the proceeding reason for his separation from Lois, who was upset with this decision of Superman. He sacrificed for the people who had been against him, and this is the most heartbreaking separation in this film as he has to separate from Lois, whom he calls “my world.”

Steve’s Last Words To Diana (Wonder Woman)

Steve and Diana are considered to be the best couple of the DC Extended Universe. But, they have to separate very soon, which is a heartbreaking moment for every fan. He decides to die on the plane and tells Diana that he loved her. It is very sad because Diana did not completely understand when Steve spoke to her. Steve and Wonder Woman could have lived with each other their whole life, but Steve’s choice to sacrifice himself has been a reason to separate the two lovers in this scenario.

Steve Accepting His Fate And Telling Diana To Let Him Go (Wonder Woman 1984)

The film Wonder Woman 1984 brings another heartbreaking separation with it. After realizing that to regain the powers of Diana, she has to renounce her wish from the Dreamstone, Steve asks Diana to let him go. She does not want to get separated this time as she knows that Steve would die this time. But somehow, she is convinced by the latter. It is really hard to say goodbye after a 66 years long-awaited reunion. This is one of the most heartbreaking separations in the DC Extended Universe.

Maxwell Lord Realizing He’s Put His Son In Danger (Wonder Woman 1984)

Technically it does not happen because it is a vision, but it is still a separation as Maxwell Lord sees his son escaping from his grasp. Wonder Woman makes him see what would happen if he continues this confusion when she realizes that he has become too powerful with the Dreamstone. Lord sees his own son in peril, which is a separation of Lord from his son. In this way, it will also be considered as another heartbreaking separation in the DC Extended Universe.

Atlanna Leaving Tom To Save Him And Their Son (Aquaman)

Atlanna escapes from her motherland and starts living with Thomas Curry. They both live happily and also have a son. But she is forced to go back to her arranged marriage as she has been tracked down. It is really heartbreaking to leave your family behind and what is more painful is Arthur resenting his mother throughout his life. He does not realize how painful it is for his mother to leave her family behind. This is another heartbreaking separation we have seen in the DC Extended Universe as Atlanna has to separate forcefully from her family. In this article, we have discussed the five most heartbreaking separations we have seen in the DC Extended Universe and concluded that out of all the above-listed heartbreaking separations, the separation of Steve from Diana has been considered to be the most heartbreaking separation in the film Wonder Woman 1984.

Source-Most Heartbreaking Separations


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