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Recently, a lot of games are getting new seasons and updates, and Dead by Daylight is no exception. Recently, Behaviour Interactive tweeted about the new Leatherface outfit and other important updates about the new A Binding of Kin chapter.

The best Behaviour Interactive’s asymmetrical game, Dead by Daylight, is rolling out the newest chapter that includes a new survivor and a new killer, The Twins.

What’s unique about this new update is the full control over the game characters, especially the game’s new monster, The Twins. Victor (the parasite) and the host Charlotte, live in the same body, and as you expect, they look hideous and gruesome.

Another important character is the new survivor Elodie Rakoto, an interesting survivor who matches the overall environment of the new chapter.

Just like all the other Dead by Daylight characters, the new monster and the new survivor have some exclusive perks, which can be found below.

Perks of The Twins


The Twins have power to sense survivors in a 24-meter radius if they search through the chest on the map. When a survivor picks up an item or searches the chest, The Twins will receive a notification if they are in the same area of around 24 meters.


This perk has a lot of benefits, especially when the survivors are repairing the generators. Also, if you manage to damage a generator, the other three generators will automatically start regressing. If any survivors are working on a generator, they will get a difficult Skill Check.

The Oppression perk has a cooldown of 2 minutes.

Coup de Grâce

The Coup de Grâce comes in handy if any of the other perks fail. It allows you to lunge and attack by 60% by consuming one token. The best part about the Coup de Grâce is that, If any of the generators get completed, the Twins receive a token, which increases the attack power and damages the survivor’s health.

Perks of Elodie Rakoto


Elodie Rakoto has a lot of perks that benefit the player during the gameplay. The Appraisal helps Rakoto to unlock chests 80% faster than other characters, and players can use a token to search for items whenever a chest is open.


Deception comes in handy, and while it’s active, you can sprint for 3 seconds without leaving any scratch marks. Also, you cannot sprint into lockers while using Deception.

Power Struggle

The power struggle is a useful Perk that activates when the killer drags you, and the progress reaches 25%. While the Power Struggle is active, you can pick up the nearest pallet to stun the killer and escape from the location. Among all the other perks, Power Struggle is the most useful power while dealing with the killers.


Since the A Binding of Kin chapter’s announcement, fans are eagerly waiting for the Leatherface Outfit and the new killer, The Twins. Some internet theories suggest that the new chapter will include an extra killer, whose existence is not yet confirmed by Behaviour Interactive’s staff.

Source: Dead By Daylight: New Chapter And The New Leatherface Outfit Reveal

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