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There is a huge announcement on the front page of Jay's official website, with only six big characters. Baby Gu, I love you. I watched, my heart was silent, and I didn't know whether to laugh or cry. Another piece of sparkling news is: “Xu Mei, an agent, is suing Jay for rape.” Rape/rape? Xu Meiqiang/raping him is more like it! After watching a series of accusations against Xu Mei, I finally couldn't help cursing out: “Depend on!”! Lunatic This woman is cheating whoever she loves! I was so angry that I almost threw the computer out. Later, I thought that I had to back up and buy it myself after smashing it, so I withdrew my hand in a very obscene way. Well, I'm not promising.. Xu Mei has been in the entertainment circle for so many years, and she can be said to be an old oil stick. There is nothing else, but there are means. Jay came back to me, although a little abrupt, but it can only be said that Xu Mei pushed too hard, his feelings to that point, then broke out. However, I don't believe he will make an issue on the official website like this on the cusp of the storm. In this way, both his fans and my Haibao will rebound. What's more, regardless of the right time, place and people, such courtship is too unwise. Thinking about all kinds of past lives, I believe him, and I firmly believe that this confession was not published by him. He has his own difficulties, and women can do everything when they are crazy. He is docile and often gives in to others. But he won't do anything that implicates others. From then on, after the photos and the scandal came out, he came out to clarify publicly for my reputation. He did not call me, but sent me a text message with only three short words: “I'm sorry.” The heaviness of those three words makes my heart still heavy. He hasn't contacted me since, so how can he drag me into such a storm? Punch yourself in the mouth? No matter in this life,Ceramic Band Heater, I can not deny his love for me, he really loves me. Even though he is too young now, maybe not to the extent that he loved me in his previous life, and not mature enough, but his personality is always there. I cannot deny him, for that would be like denying that I am blind and that I love no one. Think about it, and think of Xu Mei, or can not help but complain about Jay in the end is not owed too much to Xu Mei in his previous life? How can there be so much entanglement? Can't figure out who did that confession, but a short message has come from Shuang Shuang: “Baby Gu, I'll help you hack his official website!” In an instant, I felt comfortable and brilliant, surrounded by hidden dragons and crouching tigers. After a long time, the soles of my feet were still angry, hesitating again and again, and finally I made up my mind to put on my clothes quickly. Turning around and wrapping the sleeping Gu Xiaoan in the quilt, ceramic sandblasting nozzles ,Alumina Ceramic C795, he woke up Xiao Qi, who was sleeping at the foot of the bed. He sobbed, but he was very good and did not call. He followed me. I hold Ann downstairs to knock on Fu Junyan's door, I want Fu Junyan to take care of Ann tonight. Although I am also very angry, from the beginning of rebirth I have been hiding from these things, but again and again there is always my share. I think I should listen to Shu Shuang's words and ignore it is the best, I know that is actually right, but. But I don't want JAY to be destroyed like this. He had a bright future in his previous life, but now, how can he just start and never find the way forward? Anyway, I should go to see Xu Mei. The person who tied the bell must untie it. In her heart, I am the roadblock of her love. What if I am not? Is everything going to be all right? Although I know from the bottom of my heart that I can't wake her up, just like Fu Junyan said that love has thousands of ways, she chose the most selfish way. But, whether it works or not, I have to make it clear to this crazy woman that I am not a threat, that I am not an obstacle to her and Jay, and that she doesn't need to drive herself and him to the wall like this. And Call me selfish or heartless. I was anxious to put myself aside. I was afraid. The chaos of it all made me afraid. Besides, I'm not alone now. I looked down at the sleeping Ann and kissed him on the forehead. Half ring no one agreed, I struggled to free a hand to press the password lock into the door, but Fu Junyan is not there, the house also looks like no one has come back. He's going to shoot a night scene today. I don't even know.. I really don't care enough about him. With a thump in my heart, I looked at Ann in the small quilt, which was as soft as no bone in my arm. I pulled the corner of the quilt for him and turned to go upstairs to find Shu Shuang. But I thought about it, and quickly stepped back out, holding Ann turned to find sister Ruofan. If you let Shu Shuang take care of Ann, God knows if it will disturb the sky because of a “brother”. That guy of unknown gender, she really lacks the patience and warmth to take care of children, only has vigorous enthusiasm, especially when bickering. The door opened after a short knock. Sister Ruofan grabbed her hair and leaned against the door. She was startled to see me. First, she was stunned. When she saw me holding Gu Xiaoan in my arms, she quickly reached out and probed Ann's forehead. She asked anxiously, “What's wrong?”? What's going on? Ann is sick? Shall I call you for a taxi? She said a bunch of words, and I was so scared that I immediately asked her to whisper, pointing to her bosom and saying, “Ann just fell asleep.” “I was scared to death. When our little one was sick in the middle of the night, my sister-in-law was like you. You were enough to scare people.” She hissed and complained softly to me. I smiled at her sheepishly and told her that I had something urgent to take care of Ann. She didn't ask much, but nodded carefully and took Gu Xiaoan from my arms. She looked up and said to me with a smile, “The little guy is really heavy.” I nodded and led Xiao Qi into the room behind her. Looked at Gu Xiaoan to be placed on her bed, then looked at the foot of Ann's bed and then lay down on the small open, touch its hairy little head, before really thank to leave. Unexpectedly, after only a few steps, he saw Fusamachi Koshi standing at the other end of the corridor, his fingers holding a half-burning cigarette, that small spark, very bright in the dark. His door was ajar and there was a noise inside. Turned to look at me and asked, “a person?” I nodded and stopped in the aisle. “Where are you going?” He asked. Still quiet and cold. But at the end,Ceramic ferrule for stud welding, the coda has some temperature. I stepped forward, thought about it and told the truth. I said, “Go to find Xu Mei.” 。 global-ceramics.com


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