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When it comes to Apple iPhones, there are a few myths floating around. You want answers to your iPhone-related questions, but there can be a lot of search results to sift through. Some websites offer genuine answers, while others give you the runaround and may try to sell you something. What should you believe? Can an app really fix your iPhone? Do you really need to just buy a new one if the screen is cracked? Here's a quick look at a few common broken iPhone myths, along with the answers to the questions surrounding those myths.

Myth 1: A Broken iPhone Without a Warranty Can't Be Fixed

This is one of the most common myths out there. Over time, an iPhone's warranty will expire. All new iPhones come with a limited one-year warranty. However, you can also purchase an AppleCare+ warranty that offers select coverage options. But what happens if you're not covered, and something goes wrong?

When you search “How to fix my iPhone out of warranty,” the search results can be tough to navigate. But don't fret! You can get your broken iPhone screen, battery, or other components replaced or fixed—no warranty required. It's a matter of working with a legitimate and experienced Apple Premier Partner.

Myth 2: You Can Fix a Broken iPhone with the Right Apps

As you search for ways to get your iPhone fixed, you may spot websites touting apps that can fix your device. Some may ask you to download their app for free. Others may try to charge you for the “service.” But be mindful! There are zero apps on the market that can fix a broken screen. There are also zero apps that can restore an older battery to its original life span.

Sometimes, apps and websites can sound very convincing, but you may notice that many of these apps and sites have something in common—they aren't on the official Apple App Store. They invite you to click their link to “download” the app, but it's likely to take you to another webpage where they may try to get your personal information. It's a good reminder to be careful about what you click when browsing the web. When it comes to getting your iPhone fixed, always consult with Apple-certified technicians first.

Myth 3: You Have to Live with a Broken Screen

We've all let our phones slip out of our hands before. We cringe as the device falls to the ground, and we hope for the best. While drops aren't always going to result in a broken or cracked screen, it does happen. It can also happen when your iPhone, iPad, or other device isn't under warranty. The good news is that you don't have to live with that broken screen.

Again, whether your iPhone is or isn't under warranty, you can get it repaired. Generally, you get an entirely new screen. It doesn't matter if your iPhone is the latest model or it's been well-loved; you can bring it to an Apple-certified technician for repair. As a bonus, when you bring your device to an Apple-certified service provider, you get access to Apple Genuine Parts. That way, you know your shiny new screen is going to work with your current device, and you can go on using it to your heart's content.

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