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Earthing is the process of grounding or earthing electrical systems on the earth. An earthing framework describes the electrical potential of connections to the earth's conductive surface.

Chemical earthing rod is quite popular all over the world. They are well-known for their durability, dependability, and effectiveness. These items are created with great-quality raw materials to suit the demands and desires of clients.

Any electrical device that lacks adequate earthing can fail, causing a danger to life if it gets in contact with fault currents.

The maximum short circuit current of any electrical circuit is defined by the capacity of the transformer and the kind of load, which can vary in thousands of amperes.

A 1000kVA transformer's short circuit capability is roughly 21kA in current ratings. However, just a few amperes of electricity are needed to kill a person. Thus, permanent earthing is required for the safe discharge of fault current.

Dissipate large electrical surges and fault currents efficiently, both in amplitude and duration, to safeguard equipment and save downtime. Personnel working nearby are shielded from severe electric shock caused by touch potential or step potential.

Debunking misconception of Chemical Earthing:

  1. Chemical Earth is maintenance free and Ever-lasting. : – One of the major criteria for an effective chemical electrode is corrosion resistance. It will decide the effective life of the complete earthing system. It is very difficult to detect faulty earth electrodes since they are installed deep down. Galvanized steel pipes have a lower lifespan than copper-clad steel pipes. According to the findings of research, a 254-micron copper coating can endure for more than 30 years, but a 100-micron zinc coating can only be appropriate for a structure with a service life of fewer than ten years. As a result, Copper Bonded Electrodes are more cost-effective and give a durable and sound choice to Galvanized Steel found in Chemical Filled Electrodes.


  1. Chemical Electrodes are less difficult to set up than Copper Bonded Rods. :- Pipe Electrodes are driven by their design, therefore installation involves drilling the soil to an adequate depth, generally more than 3 meters, before putting the electrode and then filling it back up. This process is time-intensive and would ensure the use of specialized and costly equipment. Renown Earth Copper Bonded Rods may be hammered or driven swiftly into the soil using a power hammer due to the strength of the steel core and depending on on-site circumstances. As a result, installation may be done quickly and efficiently without the need for a lot of specialized equipment.


  1. Chemical Filled Electrodes have been rigorously tested under international earthing standards. : – There are no such international standards that specifically address the quality requirements for Chemical Filled Electrodes. According to UL 467, a Standard for the Safety of Grounding and Bonding Equipment, the composition of these substances could be 40% Calcium Chloride and 60% Sodium Chloride. Renown earth Copper Bonded Earthing Rods are subjected to 25 kilos Ampere short circuit testing, electrical resistivity tests, climactic aging tests, corrosion, other chemical, physical, and electrical tests. As a result, all Renowned Copper Bonded Ground Rods meet the highest international requirements.
  1. Chemical Filled Electrodes are saturated with moisture-absorbing chemicals that increase the effectiveness of the earthing system. : – Earth Enhancement Compound is suggested for an earthing system when the verified ground resistance is more than 3000-ohm meter, according to IEC 62305, an international standard for Lightning Protection System Design. According to Indian Standard 3043, this degree of resistance is often seen in arid or rocky terrain. As a result, soil augmentation claimed by Chemical Filled Electrodes is only necessary for extreme circumstances.

Conclusions: – Download our catalog to learn more about the Renown Earthing/Grounding Solutions and Lightning Protection. Renown Earth is known as one of the best chemical earthing manufacturers to serve clients with great enthusiasm. Above all, you may reach us by email or phone. You've come to the right place. Our team will provide the best of efforts to deliver quality to your doorstep.


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