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Every bride in this world has one main wish, which is to have the best wedding pictures. Every bride wants wedding photography that catches the joy of the moment, her beauty and the shy touches of a newlywed Muslim couple and the giggles that make the moments even better on one of the happiest days of your life. Do we mean who does not love candids? But it takes a professional photographer to capture the most beautiful pictures.

As professional Indian wedding photographers, we work to capture the best moment and also fulfill customers' aesthetic goals that they have for their photographs. I have couples strike the following stances to help me get the most romantic scenes on camera:

  • The walk:

The field of wedding photography has evolved over a decade. We no longer request that clients appear in front of a staged backdrop. Instead, we put more emphasis on natural poses. 

Some instances like asking the couple to walk around the garden holding hands if they are getting married outside. The key is to catch such fleeting glances and modest moments. It might not seem like much of a deal to walk. When you're out together and looking your best, strolling along, all it takes is the proper eye to capture that moment when you forget you're being photographed.

  • The dip:

This a fun and happy type of idea that is enjoyed by everyone. How many people have lived their entire lives without getting dipped or performing the dipping?

This adorable and private pose has the bride wrapped around the groom's neck as he holds her in his arms with one hand on her lower back and the other gripping hers. She feels his gentle dip in her back. You can immerse the bride further as long as she's at ease and her jewelry doesn't fall off. We photographers especially adore this funny snapshot of the dip.

  • The ring shot:

The bride can choose to go for the traditional arms-around-the-groom's-neck shot because the ring shot normally accentuates the bride's engagement ring. But if the groom wears a ring, we'll use another wedding décor as a backdrop so you may get a special ring image. 

For a special ring shot, we may also put your rings up on a pillow as a cozy and romantic shot for the two. 

  • Spinning: 

 The bride must be wearing a spectacular gown or even just a dupatta (especially a heavy one), then it is time for a slo-mo! Spinning is one of the most beautiful and favorite captures of all women out there. The bride's attire is emphasized and brought into the spotlight by the spin. It is also one of the most demanded poses when it comes to Indian wedding photography

From the couple aspect, the bride picks up her dress and spins a little, letting the dress speak about beauty and love. Another pose that can be considered is to have the groom holds up a hand and raises it in the air. This specific posture is extremely artistic and highlights the garment’s intricate and lovely pattern. 

  • Holding hands: 

This straightforward and endearing pose will be a beautiful addition to your wedding photo album. 

Holding hands bring attention to little details like the ring, jewelry, mehndi (henna), and beautiful captures of holding hands. To add extra color to the scene, from a professional photographer’s point of view will choose to pick a natural backdrop, like a grassy area or even decorations. 

If you've never been in a touchy-feely relationship, the handhold is a great opener because it symbolizes how cute the occasion is.

  • Candid laughter:

We feel that as Indian wedding photographers it is quite important to make sure that my bride and groom are content, healthy, and enthusiastic about having their wedding documented. We keep the vibe alive! 

Although we have encountered our share of anxious couples who have never participated in a photo shoot. However, for those who become worried, we attempt to lighten the mood by making jokes, offering sincere compliments, and conversing about the day. So you really don’t have to read a joke online to get that laughter out for candid pictures since our team is so hilarious, you will find yourself actually laughing and enjoying. 

For us, the most beautiful moments are always those that allow us to see the couple laughing. And throughout the day, we search for such moments.

  • The hand kiss:

Islam is a humble religion, the message here is to show God’s plan of reunion of his creations on the planet that he created. Kissing on the hands is considered one of the most elegant and respectful gestures which is why photographs like that are quite considered.

Another thing that we suggest our couple does so is to rest their foreheads on one another. We like to retain the intensity of the moment because it is so romantic in order to capture some amazing images.

  • On-stage candids:

We usually capture beautiful images, such as the bride and groom laughing or interacting. Although this isn't necessarily a pose, it's a lovely time for photographers. 

The message here is that whether the bride and groom choose to do anything be it holding hands, exchanging glances, or simply being at ease in their surroundings, it always provides us a close-up glimpse of how at ease they are. The bride and groom may occasionally even share dinner or remove crumbs together!

To sum up, these were some of the ideas that serve as the cornerstone of the lovely wedding photo collection. We are not one of the photographers where you will be just directed to pose in some particular way, we welcome ideas from the client’s side and aim to add our professional touch to the same. Our work as a professional Indian wedding photographer is very transparent and genuine, we want to contribute to the happiness yet also be a part of the same! 

We would love to hear from you, feel free to get in touch with us and know more. 


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