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Deck framing is one of the most satisfying parts of constructing a deck. In this post, we will teach you the basics of deck framing. The ledger is the most important deck framing member. Once you have installed it, it acts as a guide for the frame of your deck. It is a good idea to mark the joist locations on the rim joist that faces at the front and the ledger before installation. You can then lay the deck framing members opposite to each other on sawhorses.

The ledger is usually attached to the structural framing of your house. One of the most common points for this connection is a rim joist. Siding should be cut away to expose rim joist. You should never install ledgers over the siding. The ledger should be secured with lag bolts and not nails or screws. Improper ledger installation is the leading cause of most deck failures. You should ensure that you check with your local building authorities for requirements in your area before you decide on the decking supplies to use.

With the footings and the ledger in place, install the support posts. Most professional builders prefer secure posts to piers made of concrete with galvanized metal connectors.

You should plan to install support beams onto the top of posts. Remember that the joists rest on top of the beam so you will need to be very careful when calculating. Use transit or a water level to mark the height of each support posts and then cut it to length.

Finish your deck framing by installing joists using approved fasteners and galvanized metal joist hangers. Building inspectors site improper fasteners such as ungalvanized nails and deck screws as a leading violation of the building codes. Once the joists are in place, do not secure them to the beams yet. Measure the diagonals and tweak to check for square.


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