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Hey, Surbhi Jyoti fans! You know how amazing her home looks, right? Super cozy and welcoming. If you want your place to have that same cool vibe, pay attention to the little details. Start with neutral colors like creams, whites, and muted tones, so your accessories can stand out.

We've decoded Surbhi's fancy living, and guess what? We've got a bunch of awesome home stuff – from coffee tables to vases, trays to planters, cushions to coasters, and even candle stands. Everything you need to make your home like celebrity homes, just like Surbhi Jyoti's. So, let's dive in and get some cool ideas from Surbhi’s home decor!

Coffee Table Elegance

Coffee Table

Surbhi Jyoti's living room features an elegant coffee table that serves as the focal point of the space. Recreate this look with our exquisite marble center table, designed to add a touch of glamour and functionality. The beautiful combination of a white marble top and golden-finished legs is sure to complement your style, mirroring the sophistication of Surbhi's coffee table. Design your home decor with this stunning piece and design your space like a celebrity with Surbhi Jyoti's inspiration.

Vivacious Vases

Floral arrangements are a key element in Surbhi's decor, creating a cozy, comfortable, fresh, and aesthetic atmosphere with vibrant pops of color. The best way to infuse these hues? Flower vases. Surbhi's love for nature is beautifully reflected in her choice of distinct vases.

white ceramic vase

  • Take, for instance, the white ceramic vase – a modern and eye-catching centerpiece that effortlessly elevates the style quotient of any room. Surbhi enhances its appeal by adding vibrant purple blooms, creating a delightful contrast.

 ceramic vase for flowers

  • Additionally, she opts for another ceramic vase, adorning her coffee table with soft pink flowers. This careful selection not only brings a touch of nature indoors but also adds a subtle yet impactful color palette. Decode Surbhi's style by incorporating these statement vases into your decor, transforming your living space into a vibrant and aesthetically pleasing haven.

Cushion Couture

velvet cushion for sofa

Luxurious cushions play a pivotal role in achieving Surbhi's level of comfort and style. Opt for velvet cushions that effortlessly elevate any space, imparting a plush, rich, and elegant aesthetic. The neutral colors of these cushions bring a touch of luxury to Surbhi's living room, making it a haven of sophisticated vibes. Bring this opulent style into your own space with these sumptuous velvet cushions for a touch of indulgence and elegance.

Trendsetting Trays

Silver tray

Trays are the unsung heroes of home decor, and Surbhi knows it. They effortlessly tie a room together while serving a practical purpose. Decorate your home with a maple leaf silver tray, similar to Surbhi's choice, and displaying your favorite items in style. Follow Surbhi's lead by using it as a chic remote holder for a touch of both elegance and practicality.


Vibrant Planters

Surbhi Jyoti Home Decor Planters

Surbhi Jyoti stands out as one of the most talented and stunning personalities in Indian television. Hailing from Jalandhar, she gained widespread recognition as Zoya in Qubool Hai, and later achieved success with Naagin 3. Growing up in a spacious home in her hometown, Surbhi has imparted a touch of greenery to her living space.

To recreate the botanical charm of Surbhi's home, consider incorporating some of these suggested planters and pots into your own space:

High-Quality Minsk Planter for Showcasing Flowers or Greenery

Elevate your floral arrangements or green accents with the high-quality Minsk planter. Its sleek design and ample planting space make it perfect for showcasing your favorite flowers or greenery, bringing a sense of freshness to your home reminiscent of Surbhi's aesthetic.

Ruffle Planter for Complementing Your Unique Style

For a distinctive touch, opt for the Ruffle Planter. This eye-catching piece not only complements your unique style but also provides a nurturing environment for your beloved plants.

Black Oronoir Small Pot for Coffee Table

Surbhi Jyoti Home Decode Black small pot for plants

Add a touch of sophistication with the sleek and stylish black Oronoir small pot. Perfect for adorning your coffee table, it effortlessly captures the essence of Surbhi's tasteful decor. The magical contrast of these two colors and textures creates an otherworldly marble planter that will elevate your entire decor.

Chic Coasters


Every detail matters, and Surbhi's home is no exception. A coaster set on her coffee table adds the perfect finishing touch to the overall look. Consider opting for a rose quartz coaster set with a gold trim border to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your space.

Glamours Candle Holders

glass hurricane candle holder 

Create an ambient atmosphere just like Surbhi's with elegant candle holders. Surbhi strategically placed candle stands in various areas to elevate the mood of any room. It's time to decode the secrets of these candle stands and infuse a touch of celebrity charm into your living space! Consider incorporating options like the gold and glass hurricane candle holder, positioned on a white console table, to add a touch of glam to your space.

Surbhi Jyoti Home Decode Candle Holders

Another exquisite choice is the white pillar candle holder, which can be artfully placed on center tables or nightstands, becoming a captivating centerpiece. We offer both options to illuminate your space with a hint of glamour. Design your home into a haven of sophistication and warmth with these carefully chosen candle holders.


Being a huge fan of Surbhi Jyoti, I decided to bring a bit of her home decor style into my own space. I've taken inspiration from celebrity homes, like Surbhi's, by adding things like marble tables, comfy velvet cushions, and vibrant flower vases to my home. Following her lead, I've also picked unique vases, cool candle holders, and stylish trays to make my home feel more special. It's like having a touch of celebrity magic in my everyday life. So, if you're a fan like me, why not let Surbhi's style guide your own home decor journey? After all, every fan deserves to live in a space that reflects the magic of their favorite celebrity's taste and style!

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