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Delhi to Manali by Road – Distance, Time and Useful Travel Information

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A fascinating mix of different cultures The Himalayan Manali town is among the most renowned and oldest tourist destinations in India. From the breathtaking panoramas of Manali's Greater Himalayas, ancient Hindu and Buddhist communities, to the lively international culture that has created an ideal retreat for wandering souls and those with a an affinity for unique destinations.

Why travel from Delhi to Manali?

The journey to this captivating town can be equally exciting when you make an excursion from Delhi. If you reserve a cab with Savaari and you are able to transform your trip into an enjoyable experience by tailoring the journey to suit your needs and taking advantage of the intriguing pit stops along the route.

From Delhi to Manali via Road

A Manali excursion from Delhi by automobile is the most effective opportunity to see the changing culture from the cities to smaller towns, villages and then into the pine-covered valleys and hills of Himachal. While it is a long drive there are ways to enhance your trip more enjoyable by booking Delhi to Manali itinerary packages with us. When you take your Manali journey from Delhi you'll be able to take in the beautiful countryside that is Haryana and Punjab as well as the stunning landscapes of the mountains in Himachal Pradesh. Let us guide you to discover the most efficient routes for you Delhi to Manali road trip.

The best time to take a road trip starting from Delhi to Manali

The ideal time to travel from Delhi and Manali in a Car occurs between the months of March to June when the summer season is in the valleys and mountains are at their peak. However, if you'd like to experience winter in the snow you should travel between December to February. The weather is ideal to enjoy the outdoors. Delhi from Manali by car is roughly 540 to 650 km according to the route you choose. The typical Delhi to Manaly via road takes between 12.5 and 14.75 hours. This can vary based on the route chosen and other conditions. Pick one of the Delhi to Manali routes to ensure the most pleasant traveling experience.

Route 1 Distance and Time to travel from Delhi to Manali via NH 44Delhi Manali distance via NH 44

The distance from Delhi to Manali is 534kms and takes approximately 12 hours to travel through NH 44. The road's condition is excellent and is ideal for travellers who want to stop at scenic spots along the way.

Popular Places Along the Way

  • Panipat Tour of the battlefield that was once a part of Panipat and its museum and memorial
  • Kurukshetra The city is also home to the tranquil Brahma Sarovar area and places that are part of Mahabharat.
  • Chandigarh If you've got the time, take short tours of the most beautiful and planned city in India and take in its famous monuments.
  • Bilaspur It is possible to see the Bhakra Nagal Dam from a distance.
  • Mandi is a major transport and trading center, Mandi is famous for Prashar Lake as well as Rewalsar Lake.
  • Kullu The city offers the first glimpse at this region's Himalayan ranges from this. Kullu market, which is located near the highway, is also a great spot to stop to buy coffee and Tibetan trinkets.
  • Naggar – Visit the old Naggar Castle.

Restaurants on the Delhi Manali road Manali road

  • Haveli, Murthal, Haryana A landmark highway-side dining and entertainment complex that features a theme-based decor and luxurious interiors.
  • Amrik Sukhdev, Sonipat – famous and busy highway-side eatery that offers a multiple cuisine buffets and a la carte menus, ideal for large and extended families.
  • Pooran Singh Dhaba, Ambala Cantt.A family-owned dhaba well-known for their home-style meals.
  • Bahadur Dhaba, Bilaspur – local restaurant, well-known among travellers, and serves traditional food and fast bites.
  • Chawla's Mandi is one of the most renowned eateries along this road, offering Punjabi dishes that are popular with travellers.

Route 2 Distance and Time taken to travel from Delhi to Manali via NH 9Delhi Manali distance via NH 9

Delhi Manali to Delhi Manali road distance on the route is approximately 650 km. Always check live traffic maps and updates to get a current knowledge about Delhi from Manali traffic conditions.

Delhi from Manali road conditions via NH 9

This is an alternative route that you can choose to travel to cover Delhi from Manali Tour Package distance. The route is a bit greater Delhi Manali to Manali roads, specifically in the city regions. Some Delhi Manali sleeper buses and Delhi Manali sleeper buses travel this route. Here's a simple Delhi Manali to Manali road map of this route:

The places to visit on Delhi Manali road Manali road

  • Patiala Visit Patiala of the Royal palace built by Qila Mubarak or the mirrored palace of Sheesh Mahal, the erstwhile home of the Maharaja of Patiala.
  • Swarghat is a great place to go on a trip to the peaceful surroundings of Gobindsagar Lake.
  • Bilaspur It is possible to see the Bhakra-Nagal Dam from the distance.
  • Mandi is a major transport and trading hub, Mandi is famous for Prashar Lake as well as Rewalsar Lake.
  • Kullu The city offers an initial glimpse at this region's Himalayan ranges from this. Kullu market is situated near the highway and is a great place to stop to buy coffee and Tibetan trinkets.
  • Naggar – Visit the old Naggar Castle.

Restaurants on the Delhi Manali road Manali road

  • Star Highway, Rhotak – Highway restaurant that serves as a side dish, very frequented by travelers looking for late-night dining options.
  • Bhai Ji Da Dhaba, Hansi classic highway dhaba , serving traditional home-cooked meals.
  • Chawla's Chicken Treat, Patiala – the most well-known local restaurant that specializes in chicken-based dishes.
  • Heritage Haveli, Rupnagar – family-oriented restaurant that is themed around village. North Indian food.
  • Bahadur Dhaba, Bilaspur – local restaurant that is popular with tourists, serving traditional food and fast bites.
  • Chawla's Mandi is one of the most renowned eateries along the highway, serving Punjabi specialties and is popular among travellers.

Another way to travel to and from Delhi towards ManaliHow to reach Manali via train

It is also possible to travel your Delhi Manali to Manali distance via train. While there aren't any direct trains running from Delhi to Manali however, you can catch one of the express trains that runs from Delhi up to Chandigarh as well as Kalka. In Chandigarh you can get an auto or bus, and then from Kalka there is the option of taking the trains that run on single gauge to Manali. To get Delhi Manali to Manali train tickets it is possible to visit the official website that is operated by Indian Railways or any online travel website for the best offers. It is worth noting that the Delhi Manali to Manali train ticket prices are dependent on the route you choose as well as the time of year you travel. The train journey to travel from Delhi to Shimla could vary between 10 and 23 hours, based upon the type of train. From Delhi there are 17 trains a week to Kalka from which 7 operate on a daily basis. In addition, there are 70 weekly trains that go to Chandigarh with 34 of them running on a regular basis. Fastest train that runs to travel from Delhi up to Kalka will be KALKA SHATABDI SUPERFASTEXP (12011) and the most efficient train to Chandigarh will be NEW DELHI SHATABDI CHANDIGARH (12045). To get the most current Delhi and Manali package train schedules, go to IRCTC and look up the most current timetables.

How to Reach Manali By Flight

Many flights are each day between Delhi up to Manali. The closest airport is Kullu Manali Airport (KUU). Manali Aiport (KUU).The average Delhi to Jaipur flight time ranges from 1.5 five hours to one minute, based on the route of flight. To make booking your Delhi for Manali flight reservations You can simply go to any airline's website, or get the most competitive rates from travel websites. The Delhi Manali trip of a flight can range between Rs.5000 up to 10000 based on the window for booking availability of deals and the season of travel.



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