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Technology has taken over major aspects of our day-to-day activities and transformed almost every fabric of life, including the way we read books. Gone are the days when physical books were the de facto standard—digital books or eBooks as they are popularly known, have become the preferred medium.

Especially after the unprecedented pandemic, when readers couldn’t access their favorite writers’ books, eBook publishing came as a boon for everyone alike. Adding a whole new dimension to reading, eBook services helped the publishers to engage their audience in more intriguing ways.

These eBooks come with a bunch of benefits for readers. Their anytime, anywhere accessibility feature allows you to read on the go; unlike those paperback books that need additional storage space. Apart from easy accessibility, eBooks are full of multimedia content such as graphics, images, clips, animations, assessments, quizzes, etc. These elements not only entertain the readers, but also keep them glued to the product.

Why Digitize the Titles?

eBooks are highly secured as compared to the storage of data in physical format. There are high chances of you misplacing your hardcopy books, or damaging them via natural processes like rain and fire. Take a dig at some of the significant advantages of converting to eBooks:

  •       Go Green

 Isn’t it an obvious fact that you can go green with eBooks as they are eco-friendly? You do not have to cut down trees to make paper for books, which consequently reduces environmental pollution as well. But with eBooks at your rescue, you can efficiently contribute to your CSR roles. Apart from this, you can also adopt and embrace the ‘greenery promoting’ measures.


  •       Seamless Sharing

Well, one of the noteworthy advantages of eBooks is that they can be easily accessed, shared, and collaborated. Readers and publishers both benefit from this feature. The latter can reach out to a wider audience and carve a unique niche for themselves in the industry. Apart from gaining popularity in the global marketplace, they also optimize their operational expenditures significantly.

  •       Easy Preservation

eBooks are gradually taking over printed books and becoming the most preferred version for readers. Printed books gradually lose their charm over the period of time and must be saved from water and fire to prevent their decay. However, with the digitization of those books, they become easy to preserve in electronic formats.

Why eBook Conversion Services?

If you are looking to go global, reach out to a wider audience, and enhance your books’ standards, then consulting professionals or engaging in eBook formatting services is highly recommended. The experts help you boost the visibility of your digital publications by making them accessible via tablets, smartphones, and other popular e-reading devices.

You also need to know that converting written books and publications into eBooks is not a five-finger trick. Deciding which digital format to opt for, how to do eBook formatting, which digital publishing tool to use, and paying attention to other basics of the eBook conversion process requires dedicated efforts and time. So, here arises the need for eBook development & conversion services.

The professionals have the potential required to convert your printed books into eBooks without compromising quality. They leverage leading-edge tools to execute the process efficiently. They also give typesetting and consultation services at cost-effective rates. Other advantages of investing in eBook designing services are listed here:

  •       Read Aloud

The experts’ design eBooks with read-out-loud or text-to-speech features. This enables the readers to listen to the eBooks, even if they do not have time to read them or are busy with other chores. Adding such features also helps you to cater to a wider variety of audiences, including the ones with special needs.


  •       Enhanced Quality

It is advised to store the information in an organized format that facilitates easy access. Therefore, with eBook conversion services, you can be assured of perfect and quality-oriented results. The professionals have the right blend of time-tested tools to help you with the creation of authentic eBooks. What’s the best part, they deliver your eBooks within the stipulated time and budget! The outsourcing companies have an eye for detail and thus ensure aesthetically pleasing eBooks, brochures, manuals, etc.


  •       Interactive Elements

What makes these eBooks most preferred are the interactive elements that make them more interesting and interactive. Features like video clips, hyperlinks for cross-reference, advanced audio facilities, etc. can be integrated into an eBook. This consequently boosts the readers’ experience.


How to Find the Right eBook Conversion Company?

We know that finding the right service provider from the pool of options available where everyone claims to be the best is a significant undertaking. So, before finalizing an eBook publishing company, you must look for factors like their experience, expertise, portfolio, case studies, services offered, and data security measures.

Assessing a company based on these factors helps you find the most appropriate outsourcing partner. Hence, you can easily deliver an immersive experience to your users while professionals take care of your eBook conversion pipeline.

The professionals at Damco leverage state-of-the-art publishing tools to help authors and publishers. Having the right blend of skills and experience, the eBook consultants ensure excellent quality outcomes.  




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