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Delta Airlines Pet Policy Travel With Dog

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Depending on the size of your pet and where you're going, Delta Air Lines allows dogs and cats to be carried on board or shipped as “extra special” cargo. They know pets are part of your family and say they “treat our four-legged friends with the same care and courtesy our human passengers would expect.” There are specific policies and procedures that you need to know about in advance. Some are airplane-specific because not all planes can accommodate animals. Some are destination-specific because Delta Airlines Pet Policy use and work to a variety of international locations, each with its own rules about bringing pets.

Destination policies

Dogs and cats must travel as checked baggage or cargo, not inside the cabin because they have to go directly to the quarantine facility as soon as they arrive. Hawaii requires a 120-day quarantine, but if you meet all health requirements in time, this could be reduced to a month or less. Among other papers, your pet must be accompanied by a rabies certificate dated within 10 days of departure.

Delta does not participate in Hawaii's Neighbor Island Dog and Cat Program, so your pet must travel to Honolulu with that airline.

European Union

Your cat or dog (or ferret) must travel as mandatory cargo if you are heading to the UK or Ireland. However, assistance dogs or cats may travel within the cabin to London or Manchester if they have the correct documentation. European Union regulations do not allow pets on Boeing 757 aircraft.

You must comply with the requirements of the EU Pet Travel Program, which facilitates travel between EU countries for dogs and cats. It is important to understand what this program entails. The procedures in Britain and Ireland are somewhat stricter, but for other EU countries your pet will need to:

Electronic chip 

Veterinary certificate. The health requirements that your pet must meet depend on the country of departure. It may take one to four months or months to meet these requirements.
South Africa, Australia and New Zealand

All pets must travel as shown cargo, except that service dogs may ride in the cabin.

Hong Kong

Pets must travel as shown cargo. They must also have pre-authorized import and quarantine permits.

Pets inside the cabin

Except for restricted destinations (check Delta's website for a full list), you can carry your dog, cat or bird on the plane if they are at least 10 weeks old and you are traveling within the United States, to Canada, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands or Brazil. Advance reservation is required and is accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. The total number of carry-on pets is limited, with different allocations for different seating/ticket categories.

You can use a hard or soft-sided carrier, but your pet should be able to stand and lie down comfortably. The carrier must also fit in the seat in front of you, and you will have to ask Delta for the dimensions of your specific plane. Your puppy or cat must remain in their carrier in the boarding and lounge areas as well as during the flight.

Delta Shipping

With some exceptions, any pet can fly as long as it is “not offensive and does not pose any danger to passengers or baggage handlers.” Domestic shipments require prior reservation at least 24 hours in advance, while international shipments require at least three days. Pets must have a health certificate issued within 10 days of travel, and must travel in an IATA-approved crate.

For all international shipping destinations, you must hire a pet shipper that is a member of the International Pet and Animal Transportation Association.

weather restrictions
While all airlines restrict pet travel during unusually hot or cold weather, specific rules may vary. In the case of Delta, the airline will not accept pets when temperatures of 20 degrees Fahrenheit or below are expected on the ground at any point in the animal's flight path.


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