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It’s been over ten years since FromSoftware unleashed their famous RPG, Demon’s Soul. However, the popularity of Demon’s Souls is intact, thanks to the updates that have been arriving in it ever since it was released. Following this, Demon’s Souls has recently received new updates that have brought several new elements. One of those newly arrived elements is known as Dragons. The dragons try to assault the gamers at several points in the game. Therefore, we have brought this article to help the gamers because it contains a workaround to get past the Dragon in Demon’s Souls.

How to Get Past the Dragon in Demon’s Souls

 Gamers need to know that the ideal place where Dragons stop players is the bridge. And it is because the other side of the bridge is filled with treasure. First, for gamers who are not familiar with Dragons; there are two types of Dragon in the world of Demon’s Souls. The first one is the Red Dragon, and the second one is known as Blue Dragon. The factor that makes the surpassing of Dragon impossible is the strategy that Dragons use to counter the treasure hunters. The strategy is that Red Dragon attacks the gamers while the Blue Dragon guards the bridge.

Players need to know that there is one requisite item that they must obtain before visiting the bridge; it is the Purple Fire Shield. This shield can dodge both the Dragons’ fire and thus help the players surpass the bridge without getting harmed easily. More importantly, players need to know that it is quite complicated to find and get a Purple Fire Shield. However, a few days back, several gamers over social media stated that near the right wall in Demon’s Souls lies the infamous Purple Fire Shield.


Demon’s Souls is one of the most challenging RPGs ever made. The game offers a complicated gaming experience that usually intrigues the gamers. The game has recently received a new update, and several new challenging elements have stepped into it. One of those challenging aspects is the Dragon, and, in this article, we have briefed the gamers about ways to get past the Dragons. We hope that all the gamers who have read this article will undoubtedly succeed in surpassing the Dragons and will find it worth reading it.

Gamers can obtain the gaming experience of Demon’s Souls on PS4 and PS5.

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