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When you work in the legal field, you need to read many depositions. But a lot of time can be saved if you invest in deposition summaries. Below are some of the many benefits of having deposition summaries in your legal organization.

Help During Court

Summaries are useful to refresh a witness’s memory during a trial or to make a point of reference during part of someone’s testimony. The ability to pinpoint certain issues that are vital to your argument can make your position stronger for the judge or jury.

Helps With Pre-Trail Prep

Needing to read through hours of testimony is exhausting and not a good use of your time. When you are getting ready for a trial, pre-trial preparation is needed to make the best case. Summaries will cut down on the large amounts of paperwork you need to review before going to court. An easy to read deposition is a great tool when getting ready for a trial.

Saves Time

A deposition summary only deals with the high points of the whole deposition, so you can save hours when you are hunting for a certain part of the witness’s testimony. Summaries give attorneys more time so they can focus on more vital matters.

Saves Money

Attorneys bill by the hour. Saving time by using summaries can lead to saving a lot of money for the client. And it allows the attorney to use their time on other areas of the legal case.

Reviewing Depositions Easier

All deposition transcripts must be reviewed, and this is important if the attorney wants to use the transcript to question statements of a witness during a trial. The deposition review process is easier when vital facts are given concisely.

Helpful in Technical Testimony

A deposition summary is easy to read, so it helps in a case with a lot of technical jargon and testimony, especially in a workers’ comp or personal injury case. Any judgment hinges on witness and evidence quality, so summaries definitely help here.

Helpful for Litigation Team

Summaries can be read by many members of the legal team who need to know the most important parts of the testimony of witnesses. These summaries also are required by insurance companies in many cases. In case by any chance an individual has to use Translation services then one should definitely go for it. Deposition summaries are a vital tool in almost any legal case. Make sure to consider using summaries when you are getting a case prepared.


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