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Recently, Disney reveals that they wanted Johnny Depp to tone down the portrayal of Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean. The franchise of The Pirates of the Caribbean was inspired by the eponymous Disneyland ride, which has been in operation since 1960.

Pirates of the Caribbean is a franchise of fantasy swashbuckler movies produced by Jerry Bruckheimer, and different parts are directed by other directors, including the 1-3 installment by Gore Verbinski, the fourth one by Rob Marshall, fifth and sixth movies is by Joachim Ronning.

The movie series began with Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl in 2003. It received a positive response from the critics and collected a gross of $654 million worldwide. After the success of the first movie, Walt Disney revealed that they are working on its sequel, which was subtitled by Dead Man’s Chest. And the series then undoubtedly has taken off.

Johnny Depp’s character of Jack Sparrow is the heart of various Pirates of Caribbean movies. Captain Jack Sparrow is a self-confident, hilarious pirate, whose squabbles and quips are a constant source of entertainment. Terry Rossio and Ted Elliott create the character, and it is based on Looney Tunes cartoon character Pepe Le Pew, and The Rolling Stones’ guitarist Keith Richards. The eccentric nature of Sparrow makes him appear less intimidating than his fellow pirates. Jack has defeated a few formidable foes, including Davy Jones and Blackbeard.

The character of the pirate is best known for his quirky personality, and recently, Euronews reveals that Disney thought Depp’s portrayal of Sparrow was too much. Depp says the studio crew was scared over his interpretation of Jack. And when they asked him to tone down the character, he refused to do that, expressing their concerns only motivated him further.

Depp also quoted regarding this: They were nervous and were afraid that no one would understand a word Captain Jack said: I got calls from them asking, “Is he drunk? Are you drunk? What’s the thing with his hands?” I was not discouraged in the slightest; it fuels me. I know that if they are worried, I am doing my job. When they asked me to bring it down, I turned it up.

The original film, The Curse of the Black Pearl became an instant classic, although the sequel of the film Pirates of the Caribbean has fallen a bit flat. Disney revealed that the sixth instalment of the series Pirates of the Caribbean is under work and fans are hoping this film will bring the franchise on track. It is overwhelming that Disney made a huge mistake about Depp’s Jack Sparrow. Pirates of the Caribbean won’t be the same as Depp’s wacky performance.

Source : https://gotrustblog.com/depp-refused-to-tone-down-jack-sparrow/


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