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The atomizer of your vape device is responsible for inhaling steam. The purpose of the atomizer does not matter if you have a tank, adjustable or vape below. These are the three basic functions that every vape atomizer should provide:

· You will need a tank or well to store the e-liquid.

· Surface heating for evaporation of e-liquid

· A pipe that conducts e-liquid from its reservoir to the heating surface.

The complete vape kit includes a vap device and a compatible atomizer. You can replace your current atomizer with another if it has an internal connection.

Working with the atomizer

The operation of the atomizer is easy to understand. The atomizer first draws the liquid from the reservoir by pulling on the piping. The fluid then softens the cotton wool or wool around the threads.

You can activate the battery by pressing the start button or by sucking air through the mouthpiece. It makes electricity, strengthen your atomizer. Electric electricity electricity energy is converted to electricity, then cured.

The heat is gradually starting to evaporate the liquid in the bowl.

Although you have hungry, the wick more liquid exceeds the sprayer. This liquid changes what is excluded. The atomizer can continue to produce steam as long as the coil is hot when the intake air is humid by the liquid.

How can I clean and refill my atomizer?

Many e-cigarette users have discarded their atomizer after just one use. Even if it seems like a waste of time and effort to clean and reuse the atomizer, why not keep an atomizer that still works properly? It is also possible to e-smoke. You can save money by cleaning the atomizer and filling it with juice.

How can I clean the atomizer?

The dirty sprayer can be a low steam, black color and difficult to clean so that your sprayer must be cleaned when you do not replace it. It's three ways to clean your sprayer.

1. BUT Beans in PEAN. You can also add Soda as Coca Cola.Dili forgetting Close the window. The smell of different flavor of atomizers is soon extreme. Time should again bring a meta game period. Share, cold water in cold water will be redeemed when you feel smells. Keep your atomisen and better is good to keep them in a cool temperature or hours.

2. Add a small amount of alcohol to the sprayer. Then wash it with water and trembled well.

3. Remove the atomizer from the packaging and place it in a bowl of boiling water. All parts must be filled with hot water. Remove all pieces and place in tissue for at least 12 hours. If there is water in it, you need to dry the fabric longer. Next, collect all the ingredients and fill the atomizer.

How do I refill the atomizer?

1. Put your favorite flavor in e-liquid and get a new atomizer.

2. The plastic cap should contain approximately three-quarters of the e-juice.

3. Slowly drip the liquid into the old used atomizer. Do not drip directly into the atomizer. Wait about two minutes for the fluid to be absorbed.

4. Remove the lid and dry.


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