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Despite your love for gold, do you know anything about it?

The following paragraphs will find ten fascinating facts about gold, including its alien origins.

Gold has been held in high regard since ancient times. Gold has been used in jewellery and other ornaments since the Stone Age. Gold is so adaptable that it is thought to have been discovered in 6000 B.C. A single ounce can be used to make a sheet with 300 square feet. We naturally obtain gold leaf in this manner.

Gold is edible. However, not every situation is “good” for you. The human body cannot absorb it because it is biologically inert.

The majority of gold sold today is not “pure” gold or gold bullion. The only kind of pure gold is 24-karat gold, and even that is only 99.9% pure. 10 karat gold contains 41.7% gold; There is 58.5% gold in 14 karat gold; 18 karat gold makes up 75%; Moreover, 22 karat gold contains 91.7 per cent gold. In order to alter the colour and hardness of lower grades of gold, impurities are added.

“Colored” gold contains additional impurities. To give rose gold, white gold, purple gold, and black gold their distinctive colours, additional metals are added.

Gold is an excellent energy carrier. Consequently, it is utilized in electronics and batteries.

Gold is present in some drugs. Gold salts can be used to treat arthritis. Additionally, gold has been utilized in HIV, cancer, and even weight loss studies.

Gold can be recycled. Gold, like the majority of metals, can be broken down multiple times for reuse. However, gold can be resold to gold refineries, jewellers, and pawnbrokers due to its intrinsic value, in contrast to the majority of metals.

The gold comes from another world. Gold was created when meteorites fell on Earth billions of years ago in a cataclysm involving neutron stars.
Gold's chemical symbol is Au. This is the Latin word for “aurum,” which means “shining dawn.”


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