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Destiny 2: Beyond Light Deep Stone Crypt raid completion offers tons of fresh new content for their fans. The new completion is packed with Europa Eclipse Zone, a new Sabotage mission, Exo Simulation, and three powerful exotic weapons – The Lament, Eyes of Tomorrow, and Cloudstrike. Among all these weapons, the Eyes of Tomorrow is a new and center of attention for every player. To obtain this new powerful raid weapon, here is what you should know.

How to Get Eyes of Tomorrow

Similar to One Thousand Voices and Like Anarchy, the Eyes of Tomorrow is also an exotic weapon. It can be earned from newly arrived raids, Deep Stone Crypt. The random drop rewards it after encountering the last raid boss Taniks, The Abomination.

Winning the raid is nowhere tough, but the reward is completely random. After winning the raid, it does not take enough time to collect the reward.

A few months back, the developer of Destiny 2 made some improvements in drop rates. Current drop rates are far better than the previous one. After winning the raid, players don’t get One Thousand Voices drop, which increases the chance of getting some other reward.

What Eyes of Tomorrow Do?

As mentioned earlier, the Eyes of Tomorrow is a powerful exotic rocket launcher. It can fire six individual rocket launchers. You can mark your target before shooting. The great thing about Eyes of Tomorrow is that you can target six different opponents. Once you set the target, the rocket will hit the mark, no matter how far away the enemy.

The damage of the Eyes of Tomorrow is incredible. When it comes to damage potential, its single launcher surpasses the One Thousand Voices. So basically, it’s clear that it has huge damage potential. EoT owns a special perk that increases its damage to the next launcher after eliminating a target. You can use this perk, especially on bosses. However, right before starting it, you have to eliminate an opponent from a volley. Once you activate the damage boost, just unload it on the boss, and it will deal immense damage. Players can rely on it in both PvP and PvP matches.

Because of its immense damage, most of the players have already obtained it. Unlike the previous exotic weapons, obtaining it is slightly easier. Players can win the raid by using the right weapons and gear to take down the boss.

Apart from EoT, a few more exotic weapons can be obtained through a similar procedure. However, right now, EoT appears in rewards, so players can only obtain it.


Currently, Destiny 2: Beyond Light is packed with plenty of raid battles, weapons, gear pieces, abilities, and many more things. The Eyes of Tomorrow weapon is getting appreciation from every player. Along with the EoT, there are two more exotic weapons available, which can also be obtained by raids.

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