You want to make your business look more professional.  Or perhaps, design a few posters  for an upcoming event. But you are not a designer.  Well in that case, one of the first things you must consider is to hire a graphic designer.

Of course, a graphic designer might help boost your company's digital image or create attractive posters for your event but then it comes with a price.

Firstly, hiring a graphic designer puts a financial burden on you. It is mainly a red flag for start-ups that already have limited finances available.

In addition to this, a graphic designer might take time to fulfill your requirements, and your request might be urgent!

Matters could be made worse if there is a communication gap or if you both have different working styles. It might put unnecessary stress on your shoulders.

This is where Desygner comes in.

Why hire a graphic designer when you can do this for free? lets you create your dream designs yourself and for free!

Desygner Review is a professional graphic designing site that you can access to create over a million designs! And the best part is that does not require any experience and is entirely free and easy to use!

It was created to allow start-ups to have a unique and cost-effective way of promoting their businesses through digital content creation. It is trusted by numerous reputable organizations such as Amazon, BBC, Emerson, and the list goes on. It has several built-in , easy-to-use features that will help you design your templates like a pro!

Benefits of using desygner

Of course, you might still question the reliability of this app. Perhaps you do not want to compromise on the quality and do not trust yourself to be a designer?

The good news is that the Desygner has many useful features, which  help you achieve your dream designs with just a few clicks.

Desygner gives you unlimited access to over 150 million stock pictures, which you can use to design themes. The best part is that they are royalty-free images. Also there are millions of videos  which you can browse for your project and use however you want!

Another unique selling point of desygner is that it allows users to create their stories boldly. If you are a social media influencer, a Desygner might be the best choice.

You create impactful social media content with friendly interactions, brand identity kits, web templates, etc.

It allows you to create your entire brand design in one go without any copy-pasting hassle.

Although Desygner provides more than 150 million images to users, it does not compromise on quality. From the in-built features of Desygner, you can preserve the style and effectively remove background noise.

One of the main advantages of Desygner is that it automatically processes the image for you and lets you remove the image background in just one click without compromising on quality.

Picking pixels manually can be too hectic and time-consuming. But with Desygner, this problem has been solved!

Features of Desygner

Desygner boasts of numerous in-built features which are easy to use and will help you design your content in the best possible way. To begin with, one of the features of Desygner is background remover.

  • Background remover

As discussed earlier, the background remover tool makes automatic photo extraction very easy so that you can have the cleanest possible image. Any other tool on the market is more expensive, slower, wiser, and inefficient than Desygner.

Some pictures might be appealing but may contain unnecessary details. Desygner allows you to extract the image you like with a simple click. It conveniently allows complete control over your graphics to design social media posts, presentations, etc.

And this is not it! You can also create GIFs or videos from scratch or everything you have used previously on Desygner to attract a larger audience. It makes a different desygner from other editing tools!

  • PDF Editor

Of course, when you are operating a business, there is always a chance that customers see wrong or a missing logo on a document. But with desygner, this problem, along with others, can be significantly minimized! With desygner, you can edit your PDFs according to your liking, and it allows you to import the suitable logo without you having to re-brand each file.

But what makes it unique from other editing tools is that you never lose your design in the translation. Desygner has a unique file format that preserves all the fonts, styles, etc.

It allows you to edit both individual pages and the whole document without affecting quality. You can create PDFs from any file type with only one conversion tool, edit them online in real-time, and share your projects in ultimate quality.

  • Animations

Content is sometimes incomplete without attractive animations and videos. Desygner understands this and allows you to create unique animations without time-consuming work.

Desygner lets you choose from thousands of animation styles without using expensive software. Recently, Desygner has introduced instant animation, which allows you to create animated branded visuals in just a few seconds!

  • Brand Library

One of the exciting features of Desygner is that you can use your brand assets across all designs.

You can store and save the logos you have used so that in case you want to use them again, you can access the brand library.

One advantage of this is that it is easy to set up.

You can upload images, logos, icons, and fonts directly from your device.

Even if you want to store an extensive collection, there isn't any problem as desygner lets you organize your brand library.


Although the Desygner app is entirely free for beginners and requires no payments, you can subscribe to Pro+ and Business Membership to avail extra benefits and features.

Desygner Pricing

With the Pro+ membership, you can quickly get unlimited access to powerful tools and design for just $4.95 per month.

With Business Membership, you can take your business to the next level for only $9.95 per month.

Additionally, you may take advantage of a 14-day free trial to ensure that this app is useful.


Desygner offers a wide range of other features specific to your company's requirements. Although there are many more features, we will be discussing only a few in this article.

  • Asset Management software

This feature allows you to collect, compile and store every asset you may need. These can include photos, videos, animations, or even text blocks! The good thing about this is that it automatically replaces those texts, images, and logos that are license expired and protects you from any inconvenience.

The benefits of this enterprise are not just limited to storing necessary assets. It also allows complete control and centralized asset management control to help you organize and control your assets!

It provides the most up-to-date images and logos to anyone quickly. Moreover, it provides editable designs for brand consistency. It also allows others to change text or swap out an image without modifying the original template.

And these are just some of the benefits!

  • Corporate Marketing hub

With this feature, it is possible to create your marketing hub! Yes, you can now store all your marketing, brand, and content assets in one single place. Although this might be a little complicated to use, you have nothing to worry about as desygner will provide you with the necessary enterprise-grade training to set up and manage your assets, libraries, etc.

With this feature, you can now stay updated about any new templates and allow others to access your template collections for a pre-defined period.

It makes it easier for you to build your company's own branded portal!

  • Brand guidelines enforcer

This feature ensures that your design does not change and stays the same as you intended when users use your templates. You decide how you will edit each element of your template. This feature is crucial for organizations and businesses as it prevents users from spreading out-of-date information such as incorrect price labels, using products from old collections, etc.

Another benefit you can enjoy is that you have complete control over what is published by the users and ensures nothing is published without your permission. If you do not want users sharing certain materials, you can restrict them from downloading, sharing, and printing designs from your template without your authorization.

It improves your brand consistency and ensures that your reputation is not at risk.


We can conclude from the above analysis that desygner is an excellent app for beginner or professional graphic designers. The best thing is that it doesn't require credit cards, and it is free for users, yet users can get additional benefits if they subscribe to a membership.

The app has many exciting features for both small-scale and large-scale business-oriented purposes.

It helps businesses obtain a consistent and creative workflow, improving their reputation.

Although not all of the features of desygner have been discussed, and there are many more exciting benefits, these features alone are guaranteed to provide you with the best graphic designing experience, which hardly any other app will ever offer.


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