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Just like any other business, accountants need to grow their client base to stay competitive and relevant. Whether you’re a one man show or part of an accounting firm, this is a fact. What’s more is that no freelancer or firm can shy away from a digital presence today.

Websites are the first reference that a first time visitor checks out. It allows potential customers to get an idea of your services as well as check out your credentials.

In fact, a recent survey corroborated this. Many accountants understand this as most reported that the earlier conventional advertising methods and not serving them anymore. The time to go digital is upon them.

All in all, accountants too need websites. And not just merely websites, but website that are well designed, with curated content, responsive and optimised. It should cater to current clients as well as help them reach newer clients. Additionally, as their services are very specific, we share some essential features that accounting firms should seek out while developing their websites.


Why should accounting firms get their website?


Websites can increase your outreach and help you get prospective clients. In fact, Sales and SEO optimised websites are known to bring in a steady flow of customers. You become visible on search engines which increases brand visibility.

As a matter of fact, it’s a very important parameter to judge a business’s reputation.

  • In a recent Virtual Window survey 48% respondents said that they judge a business’s credibility from their website.

Moreover, with digital becoming trendy, customers are more likely to trust a brand that has a visible online presence. Furthermore, it acts as the first pitch when you approach clients. A well designed and optimised website, with your work record and few client testimonials will certainly make a good first impression. Moreover, it’s one of the most economical advertising and marketing tools that allow you a global reach.

Let’s assess some of the reasons accountants should have winning websites


  • The Entry Point to your Business

In the earlier days, people size up an organisation through visits and word of mouth. It still is relevant today. However, having an online presence adds to the credibility. It shows willingness to show the world all that you are. As a matter of fact, many small enterprises can take the risk of foregoing a brick and mortar office. However, they cannot take that risk in case of an online presence.

With such rapid expansion of businesses and localities, people normally turn to online searches. Hence if you’re not available online, you miss out the new clients, however much your old clients trust you. And for an accounting firm having a good reputation matters a lot.


  • Stay Ahead of the competition

A website is your portfolio. You can talk about your services, your achievements, your clients and even showcase any awards that your firm has won. It gives you a platform to show clients that not only are your good at your work but also keep up with then times. Technology becomes the differentiating factor. A good digital presence will help you stand out from the crowd.


  • Expand Your Business

Websites do not merely serve as an entry door to your business. In fact, they help grow it. A well designed, responsive and SEO optimised websites will act as a sales funnel to reach out to your targeted customers. This is the era of

Hope this sets the direction for accounting firms to not miss out on a digital presence. Furthermore, let’s assess what makes a website impressive.


Features that Make an Impressive Website for Accounting Firms


Customer Centric Content


An accountant would normally deal with language and terms that is not understood by the masses. Accounting firms should consider that people from all walks and professions would need their services. Hence, clear and crisp communication is an essential feature. Basically, focus on what solutions customers are seeking and create content suitable to them.  Target the issues that your potential clients might be facing and how you can help provide them the solution. Generally, keep the language simple and basic and not too technical.

  • Reports state that 86% of visitors finding information easily. Hence, keeping this information on the webpage prefer seeing product and service information on the homepage.


Responsive Designs and Fast Load Time


Users like websites that they can access from any device. Hence your website should be responsive. Basically, it should adapt to fit any device seamlessly. Whether it’s a PC, a tablet or a mobile. Moreover, quick loading times are a must. Accountants can lose visitors if the website is not well designed and has a slow loading time.

  • In fact, 94% of the times the website design creates the first impression and decides whether the user will continue or abandon.
  • Additionally, pages that take over 3 seconds to load are the ones that lose out. This is as conveyed by 83 % of survey respondents.


‍Third Party Reviews and Testimonials


Reviews and Testimonials add to the credibility of your brand. People like to check out how other customers have found solutions to their problems. It encourages them to be a bit less wary and trust you more. Moreover, third party reviews are unbiased. Since, customer relationship is very important for accounting firms. Hence, it’s a very important element to add to your website.


Value Added Resources


Accounting firms can offer downloadable forms and other educational PDFs to visitors. Moreover, when offering visitors these, firms can ask for sign up and get their e-mail contacts. Basically, this gives you marketing data that you can use in future. Additionally, visitors are happy as they get free forms or educational material that can come in handy for them. Undoubtedly, it leaves a good impression and makes them want to return to your website again.


Precise Calls to Action


Calls to action or CTAs are an extremely important component of good web design. However, many small businesses lose out on business because they do not have a compelling call to action. Basically, users need to be directed to take specific action. Since, t’s possible that they don’t know how to take the next step even if they want to.

You can have very specific CTAs like

  • Speak to Our Experts
  • Schedule a Free consult
  • Need Help with Taxes. Call Now

In short, CTAs can covert visitors into customers. Not to mention, they  should be prominent and invite the user to take a specific action as soon as possible.



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