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The first trailer of the Netflix docuseries “Nightstalker” does look engrossingly terrifying.

Nightstalker: The Hunt for a Serial Killer is a forthcoming limited documentary cum series (docuseries). The series will relay the crimes of one of the most brutal serial killers in the history of American crime.

The documentaries about the serial killers have really become a thing. We have seen a documentary on the life of Ted Bundy, getting rave reviews from the critics. We have even seen a fictionalized version of a serial killer series such as Mindhunter (helmed by David Fincher- followed two officers in the early 1970s) also making a name for itself on Netflix since 2017.

The life of one of the most brutal serial killers in American history will get a docuseries treatment by Netflix. The first trailer of the four-episode long miniseries is out now on Netflix’s YouTube channel, and if you have watched it, you would know that it has the potential to scare the hell out of every horror movie fan.

The fact that these crimes happened in real life will not help ease out the tension.

“Nightstalker: The Hunt for a Serial Killer” will explore the sins of a serial killer named Richard Ramirez, who is famous for his killing spree in the city of Los Angeles in 1985. Instead of giving serial killers too much screen space, the limited series will instead follow the investigation of a young detective named Gil Carrilo of the County Sheriff’s Department of Los Angeles. The limited series will show Carrilo getting the aid of Frank Salerno as the duo will solve the crimes of the devil who had terrorized the city in 1985 with media spreading the fear that the serial killer can kill anyone at any time and has no motive or plan behind a murder.

The series will feature some original photography as well as some interviews of people who had survived the rage of the obnoxious killer. The limited series will also feature interviews of the officials who had aided in catching Ramirez.

You will experience some strange feeling when you would also get to see some archival footage and court proceedings that had happened following the bloodshed in ’85. The limited series will try to showcase Los Angeles city reeling with fear as indeed anyone could have died by hands of Ramirez in ’85.

The trailer is available for view on YouTube, and you can watch it right now on Netflix’s YouTube channel.  

Source: Did You Watch the Trailer of “Nightstalker”?


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