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If only there were tons of money to be made by Omega 3-7-9 Krill Review  pharmaceutical entities through the sale of Vitamin D, we could save literally millions of lives each year. Good thing you now know this vital information and can begin taking steps to protect your own health.High cholesterol levels are a significant health hazard and cause a lot of heart attacks and strokes in the developed world, yet reducing our cholesterol levels can be done relatively easily in most cases and only requires knowledge and determination.

First, you need to know your cholesterol level, there is no point trying to reduce your cholesterol level if you don't know what it is, and you're going to need to monitor your progress otherwise you won't know your levels are decreasing. Be aware also that high cholesterol levels can be inherited, so always check with your health professional before assuming that you can reduce your levels yourself. In some cases medication is the only solution.

Change your diet, it seems obvious but what we eat is one of the biggest causes of high cholesterol, and is one of the easiest things to change since we only need to change or supermarket grocery list for healthier foods. Eat more fruits, vegetables and whole grains, and reduce the amount of fat you eat. Avoid saturated fats, well actually avoid all of the bad fats including trans-fats and hydrogenated.

Exercise at a moderate level of activity for at least 30 minutes per day, and at least 5 days per week. Many of us complain we don't have time for exercise, but this is a non negotiable, it's as simple as choosing life over the alternative. A good brisk walk for 30 minutes, or a bike ride, or 30 minutes on a treadmill are all sufficient to help you start reducing your cholesterol levels.



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