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Diet mantra by Monika is the most established online platform aimed at providing expert nutritional care to people from the comfort of their homes. DietitianMonika Manchanda started this company in order to reach closer to her goal of empoweringpeople to live a healthy and better lifestyle. She has committed herself to ensuring the holistic wellness of her clients by helping them to control severe medical conditions such as diabetes.

Diabetes is a metabolic disorder that causes an increase in the blood sugar levels. Sugar is one of the major components of our food and is also required by our body in ample amounts, however, an excess amount of sugar can lead to heart diseases, dementia, depression and neuropathy. Scary as it seems, it is not untreatable which is why it is often critical for diabetes patients to follow a blood sugar control diet.

Dt. Monika understands has a deep understanding of body’s nutritional requirements which is why she is always able to come up with the easiest diet plans that are efficient in controlling diabetes. She believes that the answer lies within nature, therefore, she always includes organic foodrecipesin her sugar control diet plans while ensuring that they fit according to your lifestyle.

Sedentary lifestyle is also one of the main reasons why diabetes has become such a big and common problem, therefore, she also incorporates small sections of easy to do exercises in her treatments. This not only compliments her blood sugar control diets but also make you feel more energized and refreshed on a daily basis thus positively affecting your mental and physical state.

Controlling unhealthy eating habits can also provide a great help in Diabetes Management. Due to the stress of their jobs, most people eat whatever they can whenever they can. Dt. Monika understands that and therefore, she adds specific drinks and snacks in her charts which are easy to access and are extremely full-filling. Besides making sure that they satisfy your cravings, they also help speed up the process of establishing control over your diabetic condition. She makes sure that she never compromises with the comfort of eating a good meal which is one of the reasons why she was awarded as the best dietician and nutritionist in Delhi.

She is extremely understanding and easy to talk to. Her friendly and comforting aura allows her clients to feel safe and validated while sharing their eating habits. She constantly stays in touch with her clients and makes sure that theyare always motivated and optimistic about the changes in their diets. She also knows how overwhelming this can feel therefore, she makes sure that she takes one step at a time and make minor adjustments to bring about big results.

By the time her clients leave her they naturally have a better immune system and a good understanding of their own needs. She leaves a lasting impact on her clients’ lives by helping them achieve their nutritional goals while simultaneously developing a better lifestyle. Her deep knowledge of human body and her professional understanding of human psychologyenables her to make the perfect blood sugar control diet plans and makes her exactly the help you need for Diabetes Management.


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