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Difference between Absorbent Dressing and Foam Dressing

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Wound dressing has been a popular biomedical process for a long time to ensure proper protection for the largest organ in the human body, the skin. Different materials and wound dressing methods are employed to see which one is the most efficient. Absorbent dressing and foam dressing are two standard methods used for dressing wounds. In this post, we are explaining the difference between these two methods.

What is Absorbent Dressing?

The absorbent dressings or more commonly known as super absorbers; are dressings used in wound care and treatment. These are either; the primary or the secondary forms of dressings used for their absorbent properties. The absorbent polymer in the dressing; helps wound exudate to effectively be soaked from surgical incisions, ulcers, chronic wounds, and more. 

Absorbent dressings; mostly tend to use iodine gel, calcium, alginate, sodium chloride, along with some other materials for wound treatment. These dressings are often used for different wound types starting from serious wounds such as draining wounds to simpler skin tears. These dressings are available in different sizes to meet the requirements of the dressing process.

What is Foam Dressing?

When it comes to an efficient wound dressing, foam is another crucial material used.  Foam dressing is exceptionally soft and contains Absorbent properties. It depends on the brand of the foam dressing used. The purpose of foam dressing; is to ensure that the wound is protected well during the healing process. Foam dressings help create  a moisture balance that helps the skin heal quicker. Apart from that, these dressings are used commonly for wounds; that might have a foul smell.

Due to the absorbancy of foam dressing, it can help in the faster healing of wounds. Since the dressing absorbs all the excess fluids pretty efficiently while maintaining a moist environment around the skin. There are different shapes and sizes of foam dressings, and they have various options, such as adhesive and non-adhesive.

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