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Difference Between Commercial Concrete & Industrial Concrete Construction

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Plain concrete has served as one of the most reliable and durable flooring options over all these years. Thanks to the advancement, now, one can make concrete flooring appealing by polishing, etching, or staining. While small residential and commercial projects may or may not involve concrete flooring work, concrete flooring is the most viable, practical, and cost-effective option in the case of industrial projects.

Many companies take large-scale projects that encompass not just a house or an apartment building but cities, large warehouses, multi-level parking lots, etc. They are typically referred to as industrial concrete construction companies.

Each large-scale construction project has its unique requirements and challenges, and therefore, you need a trusted industrial concrete construction contractor to ensure that you will have the right type of concrete flooring and surfacing on the site. Sometimes, people get confused between commercial concrete projects and industrial concrete projects.

So, if you also wonder what distinguishes commercial concrete projects from industrial concrete projects, keep reading the post till the end to clear your doubt.

Commercial Concrete Projects vs. Industrial Concrete Projects

Commercial Concrete Projects

In commercial concrete construction projects, there are certain things that you need to keep in mind when ready-mix concrete is used. For instance, the concrete floor installed outside a complex must have features like ease of maintenance, structural safety, attractive surface finish, and aesthetics.

Since commercial places like complexes, supermarkets, and shopping malls have an inherent need for attracting people towards them, aesthetics is one of the top priorities. Therefore, concrete flooring in commercial places should be attractive and easy to maintain and clean with regular sweeping and mopping.

Sealing the surface with a quality sealant is also common in commercial areas to keep the concrete surface protected and polished.

Industrial Concrete Projects

On the other hand, industrial concrete projects come with certain specifications and compliances. The structural requirements are very different from that of a commercial structure like a restaurant or grocery store.

Industrial concrete floors must be able to withstand the wear and abrasion caused by the regular use of heavy machinery and equipment and frequent traffic of lifts, trucks, and so on. Concrete floors in industrial areas are also required to withstand harsh environmental conditions along with exposure to chemicals, oil spills, snow, and more. Hence, structural integrity, strength, durability, and simple maintenance are the top priorities.

The area for concrete flooring is typically very large and can sprawl over hundreds and thousands of acres of land in industrial sites. This means the types of equipment needed for concrete flooring installation are also different that can process, pour, and compress large amounts of concrete.

As a result, prior experience in working for industrial construction projects is of paramount importance. Therefore, when concrete flooring needs to be installed in industrial environments or over a large-scale area, put your trust in only industrial concrete construction companies who have worked on similar projects before.

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