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An overhead crane with a single or double girder support system and separate legs that travel on wheels, rails, or along a track is known as a Goliath Crane. When there is a need to avoid using an overhead runway system, they are usually considered.

Gantry cranes have often been employed outdoors or underneath an overhead crane system. These cranes, unlike overhead cranes, do not need to be connected to a building's support structure, eliminating the need for sturdy runway beams and support columns. In some circumstances, this can result in significant material cost savings and be a more profitable option than a comparably specified overhead crane.

• Larger gantry cranes may travel on a rail buried in the ground, generally in a straight line and inside a designated work area.
• Smaller gantries are often on castors or wheels, allowing them to be moved around a facility for minor fabrication or maintenance.
• Full gantry or semi-gantry systems are frequently used in large fabrication operations or outdoor yards such as steelyards, rail yards, scrap yards, and shipping and container yards.

How does a Goliath Crane work?

This crane's girders contain a high-torque motor that allows it to move the lifting axis. A separate motor in the overall casing is critical for keeping the movement parallel to the crane's girder. In addition, the motor aids the movement of a motor casing on your girder. The motor on the guide rails causes the guide rails to move in a different direction. Because a gantry crane is so large, manufacturers employ a variety of components to build it.

The height of various goliath cranes may be adjusted, and they may be used for a variety of tasks. You may adjust the height to provide room for a lift. A height of 3 feet can be adjusted in a variety of ways.  

A Gantry Crane is more expensive than an EOT Crane, but the advantages of using a goliath crane outweigh the disadvantages in the long term. Employing a goliath crane is far more cost-effective than using an EOT crane when considering the bigger interest of the business. The following are some of the causes that have made gantry cranes more popular than overhead cranes.


Gantry cranes are well-suited to high-volume lifts and provide a well-organized way of lifting or transporting huge goods through a yard, a general manufacturing/warehousing setting, or a fabrication shop. 

You'll discover top-of-the-line material handling equipment developed using cutting-edge innovations at LOADMATE. They usually use high-quality raw materials in their manufacturing, and they are renowned as one of the most dependable and well-known Goliath Crane or gantry crane manufacturers and suppliers. In India, you may discover the names of several Gantry crane manufacturers and suppliers.

Furthermore, its cranes include high-end designs that cater to the needs of clients from various sectors. In addition to Gantry cranes, LOADMATE makes jib cranes and other cranes.


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