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Maintaining landscapes regularly can take up your entire weekend. And when you are associated with corporate jobs, you are not likely to have enough time to devote to maintaining your landscapes. Hiring professional landscaping service is the best alternative for you. A professional can do multiple jobs efficiently.

This guide is created to understand what kind of services wall landscape services LLCs provide.

Lawn bed maintenance

It includes ground maintenance of the garden, including weeding, removing debris, throwing away broken branches, leaves, twigs, etc. Lawn bed maintenance also covers pruning, pulling off weeds, trimming the grass, etc. Many landscape owners highly demand this service.

Landscape design

This includes setting up a new flower bed or planting new trees. Sometimes landscapers go exclusive and create a new design for the landscape, which includes a new hardscape and lush green lawn.

Hardscape installation

Your yard doesn’t only include trees or flowers but also includes paths, pavers, patios, driveways, fire pits, and more. Landscape services include the installation of hardscapes as well.

Fall maintenance

No one likes heaps of garbage around their property. Hence, most lawn owners hire fall maintenance services twice a year for in-depth cleaning. Fall maintenance is an extensive cleaning process, also known as spring maintenance or bed edging. It includes grass dividing, perennial trimming, mulch raking, etc.

Pest control

Landscapers know the effective methods of using pesticides and weedicides. This is done timely to avoid crop damage by insects and weeds.

Drainage management

This is an essential part of landscape maintenance as irrigation systems and pipelines should be in working condition to keep the garden plants lush and hydrated.


Pruning means trimming the dead leaves off the plant. This depends upon the type of season and the type of plant. It allows trees to be lush and blooming. There are special pruning tools used for the process, which professionals should handle. Hence, do not try to prune your tree even if it seems a simple process.


Hedging means giving shape to the tree. This process requires skilled professionals with knowledge and training. Attempting to try it on your own and injure you. This type of service is required once a year by many trees.


Mulching includes applying a layer of mulch on the top layer of soil. This is done to improve soil moisture and fertility. It is generally done twice a year and offers benefits like water retention in plant roots. If you have a big lawn, mulching all the flower beds, shrubs, and trees is a big project. You can hire masonry, landscaping, and construction professionals for it.

Tree and shrub planting

Tree planting is not an easy task. It requires extensive seed and soil knowledge to do so. A professional knows how to select and prepare the soil. They can also choose the right size of trees for your lawn.

Lawn protect and feed

It includes 6-7 steps to complete the process, including protecting plants against many diseases. These diseases include brown patches, grubs, and fungal growths. Landscaping professionals know the ideal month for this extensive process. During the process, lawn turf gets impacted. Hiring professionals who know the process and its consequences is an ideal choice.

Lawn mowing

Regular mowing and trimming lawns keep it clean. An experienced landscaper will do the job proficiently by cutting off the edges and weeds. You can always buy a mower and do this by yourself, but that would be costlier than what a landscaper charges. Hence, it is better to trust a professional.

Leaf removal

If pruning is not done timely, leaves fall on the ground. Hence, leaf removal is required to clean the lawn timely. This service is offered either quarterly or half-yearly. This service can be customized as per the client’s needs.

Snow and ice removal

This service is offered in cold months when driveways, pathways, and patios around your property are covered with snow. Since it is risky to drive or walk on snow, landscapers offer snow removal services to keep the residents safe.


There are many wall landscape service LLCs in New Jersey that offers these services. To ensure that you get great results, invest in trustworthy landscapers. We hope this guide helps you in choosing services for your needs.


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