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People with disability often do not know that their disability at a certain organ is not a hindrance in any form but it actually makes them much stronger and better at other organs, this is something they need to find with time and some guidance as with proper guidance and training they can easily identify what is something they specialize at, something that makes them unique and different from the crowd, this is where Brilliant Life Services and their services come in, they aim at providing people with disability sustainable and flexible support so that they can improve the quality of life of the individuals who live with any sort of disability, through their services they try to enable people with disability to live a life where they can make their own choices and live freely. The following are the services provided by them –


  1. Psychological assessments –


There are many assessments provided by Brilliant Life Services that one can take at any stage of life as they have created different assessments  for people in different age groups, through which one can identify developmental difficulties and easily able to determine what assistance and support is needed in order to unleash their full potential and achieve their set of goals.

  1. Speech Therapy –


There are some people who face difficulty in communicating, drinking and eating such people need help from a speech pathologist as the problem they are facing can be caused due to various factors like brain injury, interllectual disability, dementia or even stroke and other such problems. Hence a speech pathologist will help them overcome their difficulty in communication and literacy,help to understand language easily and develop social interaction skills.


  1. Support Coordination –


Through support coordination people can easily identify, develop, coordinate and access supports. It aims at helping people with disability to be coordinated with support when the family or assisting individuals are not present, in order to make the people with disability not feel low in such situtaions and also to not feel bad/ dependant about themselves.


  1. Occupational Therapy –


This is one of the most important service provided as it aims at helping the people with disability to perform their everyday tasks with ease and without any support from others, this way they instill confidence in people with disability and also help them live up to their potential and independence. The people with disability over time can also learn to manage self care, domestic tasks and also something as important as meal preparation, this gives them the chance to live independently which is very satisfying for them as well as life changing, hence this is what most people with disability should get and brilliant life services provide such services by experts to make it even better.

The list of services does not stop here only they provide many other important services such as Behaviour support, early childhood education intervention and pyschology support, in order to make the lives of people with disability much more easier. They also have support for people who do not speak english as their therapists are multilingual speakers and have professional translating and interpreting services free of cost.



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