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Are you on the lookout for blinds and shutters in Sydney in the new year? What you select will depend a great deal on your budget as well as your specific requirement. Here are some of the trending types of blinds for 2021. 

Vertical Blinds – Vertical Blinds are ideal for large windows as they comprise of vertical slats that can be moved around to control both light and privacy. Vertical Blinds are quite a low-cost option when it comes to blinds and shutters in Sydney, and come in both vinyl and fabric. 

Venetian Blinds – Venetian Blinds are made of horizontal slats taped together by cord or fabric strips. These blinds are very versatile and are usually made using wood or plastic. While they do provide good control of light and privacy, they are not deal with for insulating purposes, as they can have gaps on the sides between the blinds and the window frame where air can escape out. 

Roman Blinds – Roman Blinds are made of fabric and fold into layers as it is raised up. Roman Blinds are very popular among homeowners for their versatility and ease of operation. They can also be customized with different fabrics, prints, colors, etc. 

Roller Blinds – Roller Blinds operate by rolling a layer of fabric around a bar at the top of the blind when open. You have greater control of light and privacy with Roller Blinds and are quite inexpensive and versatile, hence making them one of the most popular types of blinds around. 

Cellular Shades – Cellular Shades, also known as Honeycomb Blinds, are the best solution for those looking for greater insulation. These blinds are a single sheet of fabric consisting of one or more layers that form cells or air pockets, that trap air in them creating an insulation barrier between the room and the window. Honeycomb Blinds in Sydney can be quite high in price, but they are cost-effective in the long run as they save a lot on energy bills. 

Panel Glides – Panel Glides are a type of blind that is ideal for large or oversized windows or sliding doors. They consist of large fabric panels that move along on a track and stack neatly together at the end when fully open. They provide a very classic and elegant looking style for any space.

Speaking to an experienced supplier of blinds and shutters in Sydney will be very helpful for anyone looking for the best window treatments to suit their purpose, as they will be able to get good recommendations on what is ideal for you.


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