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Elegant drinking glasses in a wooden cabinet reflecting its charm and the appearance of luxury is a sight that many people like to have in their homes. Most individuals are passionate about having a collection of old and exquisite glasses. The enthusiasm for old-fashioned glasses and new-age glasses is very distinct. Imagine owning a cabinet just for glasses beside your mighty bar cabinet, doesn’t that seem great?

There is a wide range of drinking glasses online that are available to suit every need you have, each with its own distinct style and design. Some areas clear as a crystal, while others are tall and elegant. Keeping with the types of glasses that go with different drinks is indeed tough but worth it. Today we will talk about a few types of drinking glasses with their uses.

Wine glass

Drinking Glasses

Wine is among the most sophisticated drinks ever and therefore it demands a special kind of drinking glass design too. Wine is relished in a wine glass. A wine glass is a tall sleek and slender glass. The top of which can be widely round or can be slim as well depending on the type of wine you are drinking. It's essential to choose the wine drinking glass according to the type of wine. Wine glasses just add to the elegance and grace of your cabinet by their utmost poise and sophistication. A wine glass can be made up of crystal or glass. There are many types of wine glasses like burgundy and  Bordeaux and each is perfect in its own sense.

 Shot glass and shooters

drinking glass

These drinking glasses set might excite vodka and tequila drinkers just from hearing the name and make them remember all the great parties they’ve been to. These drinking glasses are specially made for spontaneous people who prefer shots over solid drinks. A shot glass is wider and thicker than the shooter. However, they may serve the same drink. When being served the shooter and the shot glass are dressed with lemon split and attached on the salt-covered rim. This is the traditional look for the shot glass and the shooter. The shooters are basically sleeker than the shot glasses.

If you are a nonalcoholic then too you might get some use for them as some shots of coffee will prove heaven to you when you need to get up from sleep.

 Cocktail glass and Margarita glass

drinking glass sets

These unique glasses are really very similar in their shapes and are confused between a number of times. The cocktail glass is sleek and the top is an inverted funnel whereas the Margarita drinking glass has a round or an oval top. Different types of cocktail glasses are used for different types of cocktails. The complexities of the drinks and the mixture taste can be well brought out by a cocktail and it is said that a cocktail glass suiting the cocktail enhances the taste and releases the complexity of a hard drink. These can be hung between two hooks, which gives your kitchen decor a good look. Just to have fun a lot of cafes also serve ice cream to eat from these glasses.


A formal dining setting demands for beautiful and vintage collection of different types of drinking glasses and dinner glasses. Owing a good collection of it is quite impressive and at some level can be addictive as well. It gives the owner a sense of responsibility and an aesthetic outlook. The house decor is not just constrained to walls and the interior, it is about the things you own and how you adjust and blend them. Drinking glasses set shining from your cabinet will definitely complement the kitchen decor. Sorting the glasses with their suitable drinks is also important. Besides using these glasses just for drinks you can also use them as fancy candle holders and you can also eat your ice cream from them. The luxury of a glass collection will leave a good impression on your visitors.

We hope you buy a mighty collection for yourself and impress all your guests by tour knowledge,

Happy collecting to you!


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