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Different Types of Glasses used on Windshield

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Glass has long been a vital component of automobiles. Due to their transparency, they have been utilized in some of the early car models!

Automobile glass technology, however, has advanced over time in comparison to earlier times for both comfort and safety reasons.

For instance, using regular glass in windshields would be extremely risky because broken pieces of razor-sharp glass could result in significant injuries in accidents!

This article will examine the types of glass used in car windshields as well as your current alternatives for car windshield glass.

Why are laminated glass windshields so common in automobiles?

One of the most typical types of glass found in automobiles is laminated glass.

It is built of a glass pane that comprises of two individual sheets that are adhered using PVB (polyvinyl butyral) and then fused together at high temperatures.

The end result is exceptionally robust glass that is far better able to absorb impacts than regular glass.

Laminated glass also resists breaking in collisions with vehicles.

While it may shatter in a collision, the PVB layer prevents any sharp glass shards from flying around and seriously injuring anyone.

By serving as a barrier, laminated glass can also lessen injuries in a collision. The glass offers a cushioning effect that can assist lessen the severity of injuries caused if a passenger is flung into it.

Although side and rear windows don't always need to be made of laminated glass, more cars are now utilizing this material for these windows as well!

Consider toughened glass.

The other common form of vehicle glass in use today is tempered glass. It's also referred to as toughened glass. This is due to the fact that it is up to four times stronger than regular glass.

Single-ply glass that has been heated to more than 600°C is what makes up tempered glass. It then undergoes a quick cooling process known as quenching, producing a more stronger glass.

Tempered glass is sturdy, but it also offers another crucial advantage.

While it will break under a strong impact, it does so into several small pieces with soft edges as opposed to dangerously sharp shards of glass, lowering the risk of serious injury from flying shards of glass.

It's crucial to remember that while tempered glass is frequently used in back and side windows as well as sunroofs, it is rarely utilized for windshields. Instead, automobile makers frequently choose laminated glass!

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