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Crypto lending platforms work similarly to traditional banking, we give the assets, then the banks provide loans for your assets. Likewise, the crypto lending platform offers loans to crypto users. does loans to crypto users. For example: If you have BTC in your wallet, currently ETH prices increase in a few days, and you desire to buy  ETH, but you have no sufficient amount in your wallet. At that time crypto lending platform helps crypto users, users keep collateral to give loans from their platform. 

Coming to deep dive into the article .., We’ll discuss the different types of crypto lending platforms and additionally know these features and benefits. 

First, we’ll know the crypto lending platform.., crypto lending is the crypto users use cryptocurrencies to borrow or lend fiat currencies and stablecoins to their lenders and pay the interest for lenders. It is the most precious way to the users, your assets are held, but users sell and buy them.

There are two types of crypto lending platforms that provide loans from their users. CeFi and DeFi platforms give loans. Borrowers lend the loans from their collateral and non-collateral assets. The Defi platform runs in a smart contract and the CeFi platform runs central authority.

Custodial CeFi

The Custodial CeFi lending platform is a centralized crypto lending platform and works on the authority. KYC and AML are important factors in the CeFi and implementing the features to exchange cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies. They have built a custom smart contract for business needs and partnership with us. CeFi offers attractive margins and interest rates.

Non-custodial DeFi

The Non-custodial DeFi lending platform is like the DeFi exchange. It is built on blockchain networks and borrowers and lenders get the loans through peer-to-peer transactions. It runs the smart contract and everything is controlled by the contract, no authority is needed in the platform. Crypto users utilize the crypto asset to get crypto loans. The DeFi lending platform doesn’t keep the KYC and is only accepted in cryptocurrencies. Interest rates differ from supply and demand. Compared to the centralized bank, it provides a lower interest rate in DeFi crypto lending. Then every transaction is stored in the blockchains and distributed in the public ledger. Defi is a transparent platform. 


These two types are ruled in the crypto exchange market and also these types are developed. Then should you know more about the crypto lending platform, you contact our experts..,


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