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Choosing your coffee grinder is not a step to be taken lightly when you want to control your cup result. So the choice of the coffee grinder is just as important as the choice of the coffee machine! With a coffee grinder adapted to its extraction method, it is possible to sublimate the flavors and the quality of the coffee beans you have chosen. For my part, I even think that a mill is more important than the machine itself.

The fundamental principle of coffee grinders, whether manual or electric, is simple: they are used to grind the coffee beans to have a grind adapted to its extraction method. You will thus benefit from the freshness and the aromatic oils of the coffee, which offer all the taste complexity that we love so much in coffee.

However, there are a lot of characteristics to take into account. This is why this article will help you in your choice by gathering all the information necessary to find the best coffee grinder according to your use.

Several criteria must be taken into account: the types of mills, the grinding wheels, the impact of the diameter and the material, and the programming possibilities.

How to choose your coffee grinder? Which one to take and for what reason? We will help you analyze what a coffee grinder is to find the most suitable for your needs through this buying guide.

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Before you start looking for a coffee grinder, it's important to figure out what kind of drinks it will help you make. The qualities required for an espresso grind are not the same as those for a French press or even a filter coffee maker, whether manual or electric.

  • What are the possible uses depending on the mill family?
  • Are all electric mills more efficient than manual mills?
  • Does the type of adjustment by step or micrometric affect the grind?
  • Grinding wheels: their shape and the material used, what does that change?
  • What are the programmable doses used for?
  • Is there more to know?

How to categorize coffee grinders?

Mill espresso, espresso semi-pro mill, mill methods filters, and sweet. Each type of use, suitable mill! However, do not panic. There are coffee grinders that allow multiple uses. Depending on your use, here will explain how to recognize the grinder you need.

You want to get your countertop coffee grinder if you are an avid drinker of this beverage. It is also to help you choose this instrument that we have drawn up this detailed buying guide, including all the essential criteria to consider during your purchase. You can also find a comparison of the best models on the market

The coffee grinder is the accessory used to grind coffee beans. While most household appliances these days integrate a grinder into their coffee brewing mechanism, especially espresso machines, you should know that it is also possible to have a real coffee grinder as a device in its own right.

However, the latter is available in many models, which differ by their mode of operation and grinding system. There are indeed traditional coffee grinders, just as there are automatic coffee grinders, each offering different grinding results. So the choice of a coffee grinder depends on the type of coffee you like to make and enjoy.

Depending on its grinding mechanism

Indeed, you will notice that all coffee grinders do not have the same mechanism for grinding the beans. Some allow for a coarser grind, while others guarantee a surprising result by making the beans powder.

Therefore, your choice will be made only according to the type of result you expected. If you are using a filter coffee maker and don't have a problem with the irregularity of the crushed particles, you may well lean for a rotary blade grinder. The use of this type of device does not make it possible to obtain a homogeneous grinding, especially since the blades tend to heat the beans, which can alter the flavor of the coffee.

On the other hand, to obtain a very fine grinding while preserving the quality of the aromas of the grains, we advise you to opt for a mill with conical wheels. This instrument allows you to crush the beans instead of chopping them and generally offers different grinding levels suitable for all types of coffee. Therefore, the best alternative is for espresso coffee lovers who do not necessarily want to spend more for a model with flat grinders and for whom noise and slowness do not bother.

What are the grinding wheels and their material's impact on the grinding?

The grind (ground coffee) is created by passing the coffee beans in the area dedicated between the wheels. These will grind the grain to the set size. But what is the difference between flat wheels and conical wheels? Do its diameter and the material used affect performance? I'll explain all this to find the mill that suits you.

What are the programmable doses used for?

There are many possible uses for programmable doses, but the main one is the repeatability of the dose of coffee dispensed. Some mills work with a timer, others with a volumetric dose, and some have none of that.

Other things to know about coffee grinders

Other options make it easier to use the grinders. Some of them can be interesting according to your needs: touch screens, grinding trays, and spindles for filter holders, but also removable hopper or not.

Why buy a good coffee grinder?

To enjoy the best coffee flavors!

All coffee lovers should know this. Once in contact with air, the coffee beans gradually oxidize and lose their aromas and qualities. However, you can remedy this by getting a coffee grinder, the main advantage of which is that you can grind the number of beans you need to make a cup or two of coffee.

This is the best way to get the fresh aromas of coffee beans and, therefore, enjoy a coffee rich in original aromas. There is no need to buy a large quantity of ground coffee at the supermarket when we know that the coffee we prepare at home just before having breakfast allows us to obtain a much tastier coffee.

How to install a coffee grinder?

Anyone can use a coffee grinder. The first thing to do is place the coffee grinder on a stable, level table. You can then start by pouring the right coffee beans into the top container.

If your appliance allows it, choose the grinding fineness according to your wishes and your type of coffee machine using the adjustment wheel. Plugin the grinder's power cable, then start the program by pressing the appropriate button. Once all the beans have been ground, you can collect the ground coffee spilled into the bottom container and put it in your coffee machine.

How to maintain your coffee grinder?

It is important to clean your coffee grinder, determining its proper functioning and longevity. To do this, turn off the device and unplug it.

Then empty the coffee container if there is still any ground coffee or beans. You can then remove the coffee container and the bean container to wash them manually with soapy water and a sponge.

If you have a conical burr model, use a paintbrush to remove excess coffee from the grinder. The mill's exterior is easily cleaned with a damp cloth and a few mild cleaning products.


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