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We all know how the internet has changed our lives, and how we make use of digital channels extensively for our day-to-day activities. Whether it is to get an education, shopping, or just connecting with friends, digital channels allow us to do this and more.

Businesses have recognized this opportunity and have also started utilizing digital media extensively for connecting with their customers. Consequently, the demand for digital marketing professionals has also increased.

Do you want to do digital marketing courses but are confused about whether to do an online or offline course? This article attempts to answer all your questions regarding online and offline courses to help you make the decision.

Let us now look at some of the points to consider before deciding which type of course to do:

  • The goal of doing a digital marketing course.

  • How much is your budget?

  • How much time you can devote to the course.

  • Current knowledge about digital marketing.

You need to be clear about these points before deciding the type of course to undertake.  Once you have this clarity, we can move on further.

Online and offline digital marketing courses both have their pros and cons, let us now look at each one in detail.

Online Digital Marketing Course


1. Flexibility:  Online digital marketing courses offer you the flexibility to learn at your pace and from anywhere. If you are working or for some other reason you are not able to attend a digital marketing institute, you can enroll for an online course.

2. Lower cost: The cost of the online courses is comparatively less than the classroom courses. So if budget is a constraint, you can opt for an online digital marketing course.

3. Recorded lessons:  Many online courses provide recordings of the lectures and also videos that you can learn from even if you miss any class.


1. Internet availability: The availability of reliable high-speed internet is a pre-requisite for an online class.  A fluctuating and disconnecting internet will make online class participation and learning difficult.

2. Doubt clearance: In an online session, it is difficult to get all doubts cleared as other students may also be there. Each training session is for a limited time and to get all doubts cleared within that time may not be possible.

3. More time is taken to master the topics:  Students need more dedication and effort to learn the concepts in an online course compared to classroom training.

Offline Digital Marketing Course


1. Quicker learning:  You will be able to understand the concepts clearly, as you will be learning under a trainer.

2. Easy doubt clearance: It is easy to get doubts cleared as the trainers will be available even after the classroom session.

3. Interaction with other students: Classroom training gives students the opportunity to interact with other students and network. This allows students to learn from each other and share learnings.


1. Expensive: Most offline classes are more expensive than online classes.

2. Location dependency:  Digital marketing institutes have only certain locations. It will not be possible for students outside this location to attend the classes.

3. Longer duration: Offline classes take a longer time than online classes. All institutes have their schedules according to which they conduct classes. If a student wants to finish a course earlier, it might not be possible.


We have now looked at the pros and cons of an online and offline course. If you want flexibility, opt for online classes. However, if you are not very tech-savvy and want in-depth knowledge, join a regular classroom training to learn digital marketing. The choice depends on your requirements.

Hope this article gave you some clarity on the online and offline digital marketing courses with 100% placements assurance and helped you make your selection.

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