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Digital PR is a technique or promotional tactic used by marketers to increase brands online presence. This strategy is measurable which helps in brand awareness, traffic and website, links which can also boost organic sales, ranking, traffic on platforms, social following and engagement. Here are some common types of digital PR – Unlinked Mentions, Guest Post, Directory Inclusions, Press Release, Influencer Marketing. Good PR strategy is an important part of any SEO strategy. 

SEO PR is basically digital PR with many objectives which are related to SEO and in this the main aim is to earn links from relevant websites to specific URLs on your website through the PR strategy and activity.

Here are some major reasons why digital PR is necessary in SEO strategy-

The first major reason here is link building with digital PR help to deliver better quality result. Best content which is created for your audience + quality links from many reputed brand = higher ranking of your website. Digital Marketing Institute in Pune helps you to learn new PR technique. 

Another reason here is it can build your credibility and trustworthiness.

You can beat the competition with digital PR.

Digital PR helps in getting positive reviews for your brand. It can increase brand visibility which help in ranking.

  • Digital PR is important for links, as links continue to be most important ranking factor in google and another search engine. To increase SEO performance PR is another approach that can lead to links on some most powerful and influential websites. This can help to elevate your SEO performance to another level and also it can be beneficial to your future growth.  
  • Digital PR strategy can also help in brand recognition as recognized brand is becoming more and more important in SERPs and also it is great to be featured on powerful third-party sites. Digital PR can also be beneficial to be in the competition or to grow your brand than your competitors. This can help your brand featured in lot of other websites and google will go a step closer to trusting you and ranking your website even better.
  • Digital PR strategy can be also beneficial for online reputation management.
  • Keyword enriched content on your website gets more views, shares and links.  
  • Speaking engagement can also impact your SEO, as it can be submissions where URL is required and content that shows proof of your expertise. When visitors visit the submission site then they can review your site or browse your content and this can increase your views and ranking.
  • Social media mentions are also a PR strategy which can impact on your SEO. When people like your content from your website they will share it with their network or on other platforms. This creates huge difference in your website ranking.

To conclude, digital PR and SEO definitely goes hand in hand and digital PR can help take your SEO strategy to next level.  

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